Thursday, March 10, 2011

Reflections and a Project...

Yesterday, I was watching a video for my current Bible Study and Beth Moore taught on something that really it home for me. She taught out of Hebrews 7:25, where the writer of Hebrews says that Christ lives to intercede for us. He is interceding for you and me RIGHT NOW. What does that mean? That means that He is talking to the Father about us!!!!! How cool is that? I mean, how cool is it that He cares SO much for us that whatever we are going through RIGHT NOW does NOT go by without notice and in fact, Jesus is sitting always at the right hand of the Father talking about His children; interceding to the Father for us.

And she even takes it further in saying that our purpose for this generation was all in God's plan. Which brings me to my SSMT verse for this section once again....."For He chose us in Him, before the creation of the world....." Before the creation or foundation (KJV) of the world, God chose us in Christ to do just what He has purposed for us to do in OUR generation. It is NOT by accident that this is the time we are living in. It is NOT by chance. We have a work to do. People to reach. People to love on. People to help. We are NOT here for ourselves, and she also said, that whatever God allows to happen to us in our lives, He allows because it is CRITICAL to the purpose for which He put us here for in this generation; to help us be the people He created us to be. How cool is that?

The verse that she reference is:

Acts 13:36a (NIV)

“Now when David had served God’s purpose in his own generation....."

I loved this past weeks video. It REALLY spoke to my heart, and God has used it to so lift my heart. I am still not feeling well. I'm back to crackers, potatoes, rice, etc.... until my stomach calms down....but I am not down and out about it. I know that God is with me and knows EXACTLY what is going on. And I am grateful.


So yesterday, I worked on a fun project. I needed a notebook to put somethings in, so I bought a Composition notebook, you know the one with the black and white cardboard front and back. Well, a few years ago, I learned how to cover notebooks like this. So yesterday I looked through some of my loose papers and found two pieces of this GREAT vintage paper that I got in a clearance box at my local Scrapbook store quite a while back.

So yesterday afternoon, I covered it and thought I'd share the finished project.

How cute is this paper? I actually made a BIG mistake. I covered the back first and then covered the front and put my seam in the front....hmpff. So that is where the blue strip came in. I had a blue strip left over from my "Grateful" journal, so I added it to cover my seam, and you'd never know I made a mistake. This is my kind of hobby =)

This paper is SO cute and vintage looking. So I distressed it with my distressing ink and made it look even more vintage. Love that technique.

And the bottom of this paper had such a pretty scallop border on it, that I decided to keep it. Generally I would tuck in the edge and make it smooth on the bottom, but the edge was so pretty, I decided to keep it.

I wanted to show you some of the details on this paper. So lovely.....

I LOVED the little elephant that made the top of the page.....SO cute!!!

And this little girl reminded me of you RJ. You said one time that you really liked vintage things, and this little girl on the swing set just screamed Vintage to me!!

And then on the inside covers I put a little different paper. On the back cover, shown here, is a grid, and then I didn't get the picture on here on the front inside cover, my bad, but it is a place for notes, all distressed up. So cute!!

And here is the lovely scalloped buttom from the back, inside cover. Love.

So there you have it.....a reflection and a project.
Hope you have a Super Blessed day,


  1. That is beautiful Dawn!! You are becoming quite crafty while resting and I love it. Hope you are having a great week and I am still lifting you up in prayer daily my sweet friend! Love ya sister.

  2. First - I LOVE those kind of notebooks - so adding an amazing cover like that - you've got something there!

    Yep - I do love the vintage look - & why shouldnt I? Look at how beautiful that is... & those edges? BEEE-UUU-TI-FUL!!!!!!

    You are just getting more & more crafty & so good at what you are doing! Love it!

    Sorry your back to a bland diet right now... you're just having a rough go lately :( Hang in there friend!!!

    love you!

  3. Love the notebook, That will make a great journal. You sounded much better when I talked to you. This weeks study is really good. I'm still praying for you. Love you