Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Another First Last.....And a Spectacular Tennis Match

So yesterday was first in a series of firsts lasts for us, now that Graduation is less than two weeks away. WOW!!

Yesterday was Dak's last High School Choir Awards, and he had a tennis match going on at the same time. They moved his match to the first sets, so he could make it. He made it, just about the closing time, but he still had fun. I accepted his blue ribbon for the 1 he got at SWCL in his ensemble, and he recieved a gift because he is a Senior and this is his last year of HS Choir.

Here he is.....

Isn't he sweet?!!

Here is Alyssa, receiving her 1 ribbon too.

She cracks me up. Mrs. Nelson (the music teacher) asked the Seniors to fill out a questionaire that she would read at the Spring Concert (which didn't happen because she decided it was time to have her little one =) and so she read them here, and at the end of the questionaire she asks the kids what their future plans were and if they were headed to college what their major would be, and Alyssa said she would be majoring in Power Ranging!!! hahaha She

Goofy girl!!

And this is our girl Trisha, who got the Sightreading Award. The girl's got skill!!

And this is Mrs. Nelson. She has been an amazing Music teacher and took this program places that our school hasn't seen in 7 years with a 1 at the State Competition!! Great job Mrs. Nellie (as the kids call her), and congrats on sweet Lliam. What a cutie!!!

This was their amazing cake!!! It had a picture of all the students on it, being wild and crazy, of course =) Dak is at the top with something white in his mouth. I don't want to know =)

Before the Awards Ceremony, Dak had a Tennis Match, against a very tough team.


HE WON!!! 9-7 ~~ I missed the last half of the match, because I went to get his stuff at awards, but I hear he did REALLY good. He has improved his game so much this year.

And what would a post be without Sir Cuteness getting his sweet little face in there somewhere? =) Here he is with a blueberry chin ~~ sweetest blueberry chin I've ever seen =)

So my sweet Dak is hilarious!!! And here is just a little more proof of that......

Have a Blessed day ~~


  1. I'll go back to school if I can major in Power Ranging!!! :) As long as I can be the Pink one! haha!!!

    Looks like Dak is finishing the year with fun & SKILLS! GO TENNIS BOY!!!!

    Oh look at that chin!!!! He's like his Uncle Dak - loves being goofy for a camera! :)

  2. I can't get over how Dak is going out with such a BANG!! Good for him for giving it his all!

    Enjoy the next couple of weeks!

  3. I can't get over how Dak is going out with such a BANG!! Good for him for giving it his all!

    Enjoy the next couple of weeks!

  4. I am with you on the FirstLasts. For some reason everytime I think about my baby girl turning 18 (on Sat) & her graduating in 6 weeks my eyes start leaking....?? Time does fly. PROUD YES!! But it sure makes this mommy sad!
    Thanks for sharing your heart!!

  5. I love the name of your town! I forgot to tell you my maiden name was Cleverly! =D