Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Letters ~~ What a $1.25 will buy these days ~~

My Dear Dak,

You are rocking the tennis courts this season!!! It is like John McInroe has been coaching you, well minus the obnoxious yelling and throwing of racket, but you get my drift, you are doing REALLY good!! On Wednesday, you had an all day tournament and you and CoLLin =) took 1ST PLACE!!! I was SO excited for you both!! You went undefeated and took home FIRST PLACE ~~ Yep totally rocking the tennis go John Dak =)

And son, what a BUSY week you have had. Tennis matches a Chem 2 test, College Comp, and the school play.

Here you are with our Sweet girl Alyssa.....

You two looked SO cute!!!

And what a great job Y'all did!!!

So cute!!

This week is going to be really busy too. I am so proud of you son.

We will be prom shopping soon and Graduation is 4 WEEKS from tomorrow..... I know, breathe young one =)

Love you for always ~~ mom


My dear Sir Cuteness,

You are the cutest thing!!! Don't I say that every week? =)

Boy did you have fun this week. You got to stand in daddy's dry bag for his kayak. You LOVE that bag. So funny!!

And then yesterday we went mushroom hunting, and you, my boy, are a natural.....

Yep, you and your grandma navigating the beautiful woods. We both did GREAT!!!!! You LOVE the woods.
And you LOVE picking mushrooms.....

And you LOVE to climb.....I mean seriously, you keep me and your PaPa on our toes =)

And you found out what a $1.25 will buy these days.....

Fish food for the trout farm.....

Look at those fishies go =)

You LOVED feeding the fishies .....

Yep, it was quite a day.......

and you are quite a boy.....

Our haul of mushrooms.....a small haul, but a haul none-the-less =)

And by the end of the day, you were done with pictures.....

You said, "no more pictures gamma!!" hahahahahahahaha

And here you are with one of the bigger mushrooms.....

See you are over the camera at this point =)

You are the sweetest thing Sir Cuteness. The other night at bed time you told us that you love PaPa and Gamma and daddy and mommy and Frosty and monkey and that's it ~~ heehee

You also

Love you to the moon moon moon ~~ gamma


Oh my Sweet Mr. Winslow,

We had so much fun this week taking Sir Cuteness mushroom hunting. He is so funny isn't he?

Yep we love him so!!!

You have built him such a wonderful Jungle Gym, and Sir Cuteness loves it so much. You got the tarp on it this week and now you will start working on the swing.

You are my hero.

You have helped me Spiritually in so many ways this week. Teaching me so much about life in the Spirit, and helping me to grow more and more in the Lord; helping me to let go of my selfish self and to hold on to Jesus when things are hard. You are, my dear, the best.

I love you so ~~ Petrii

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  1. Prom!!! Graduation - 4 weeks??? Oh my goodness friend. I gasped for you! What a fun & exciting time!

    Look at that baby... or I should say, little boy!!! So dang cute. Love he finally had enough of the picture taking - haha!!!

    So you eat those mushrooms? Arent some poisonious? How do you know the difference? hmmm... now I'm all curious... I can eat the heck out of mushrooms!!