Monday, April 11, 2011

My Heart: A little exposed.....

So today I am tender, my heart feels a little more exposed. Maybe it's the project I'm working on, or maybe it's the fact that one month from today my baby; the one in this picture, will be graduating from High School. This picture was taken the day I took my sweet babe home from the hospital. In the picture with me is my newphew Adam. I love this picture. So many things run through my mind when I look at it. Most of all, the look on my face, I still have it. When I look at him, this is the way that I feel. This wee babe I'm holding has grown more precious to me with every passing day. Even today in an especially hard season, he is still my baby, the boy you see in this pic....... Yes that is really me....I used to be a big girl...........I'm thankful to have been able to lose over 100 lbs and keep it off, but that is another story for another day..... This sweet boy is the one with such a tender place for his nephew, Sir Cuteness.....he is great with him, and loves him like no is a special relationship.....
This child right here will be graduating in one month. A month from today I can imagine my heart will be even more tender, but I'm sure more excited than I even am today.

The prom shopping commences soon, the Grad Party invites will go out this week, the Graduation Announcements will go out next week, and the Grad Party preparations have started in earnest. All for this boy, the tall one with the great backhand and awesome stride. The one with the best smile and sweetest hugs......The one that sings so sweetly and loves so deeply.....Yep this boy right baby.....always my baby.

So today I feel a little tender, a little exposed, a little bare in the heart department. I will be sharing more about this boy in the coming weeks leading up to graduation. I want you to see some of the fun we have had over the years. Some of the funny things he's told his momma. Some of the craziness that is our current season. And his plans for the future, including college fare and other goodies.

I'd like to leave you with another reason my heart is a little tender today, we found out last week, that Dak won the Clever Athletic Booster Scholarship!! I'm so proud of him!!! This all just leaves me a little tender, a little open, and yes, a little exposed.

Love you Dak ~~


  1. YIPEEEEE for Dak! That's AWESOME!!!

    I know you can just feel the time ticking closer & closer...

    I would have NEVER thought it was you in that picture... but then I look, & it is your sweet smile! :) What an inspiration that you got that much weight off & KEPT IT OFF!!! GO GIRL!!!!

  2. Awe! Honestly, you don't look old enough to have a son that age! What is your beauty secret? : ) As a mother to a son, I can't imagine how hard it must be to have your baby boy all grown up!