Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday Letters ~~

My Dear Dak,

What a difficult week it has been for you. It went from being extremely busy, to being extremely sad. I am so sorry son.

On Thursday morning, your Great Granny Maxine was on her way to get groceries, when she had a car accident and passed away. I know this is so sad and heart breaking for you. But you have some amazing friends and family that have helped you work things out in the last few days. I love you so, my sweet boy, we will get through this together.

So today is your Granny's visitation and then tomorrow the funeral. You are such a strong man, my son. Hang in there.


One week from today is your Graduation Party. We are SO excited!! I am really looking forward to seeing people love on you and wish you much much happiness in your future. Really happy for you!!!

You have exciting things happening at school....yep, some more firsts lasts =)

I love you son for always ~~ mom


My Sweet Sir Cuteness,

You are the cutest darn thing!!! You make us laugh and smile And sometimes your sweetness is just overwhelming. You have such a kind heart.

The other night, me, you and your papa, were laying in bed and it was thundering outside. You aren't to crazy about thunder. Well, your papa told you that you had nothing to worry about, he'd protect and take care of you. So you put your arm under my head and pulled me onto your shoulder and said, "And I'll protect gamma". You are THE sweetest!!!

I Love you to the moon, Moon, MOON ~~ Gamma


My Mr. Winslow,

I'm so sorry you are not feeling well. I will be glad when you are back to your energetic self. This week has been hard I know, with me being gone so much at mom's, but you are such a trooper. Thank you for ALL of your help.

You are my hero.

I love you so ~~ Petrii


  1. Sending prayers to Dak for strength to get through the hardness of a funeral... so much for a young man getting ready to celebrate graduting...

    Just remind him his great grandma just did a graduating of her own... to a HIGHER level :) with Jesus!

    So hard to loose the ones we love...

    Hope your hubs is feeling better... sickness & BLAH has just been lingering everywhere... GO AWAY GERMS!

  2. I always enjoy reading your Sunday letters. You can feel your momma heart in each of them!

    Sir Cuteness is SURE CUTE!