Monday, April 18, 2011


Three weeks from today people ~~ THREE WEEKS ~~ my baby graduates high school!!!!! I mean seriously ~~ y'all have heard me whine talk about this since last August when he started his Senior Year and now he graduates in THREE WEEKS, did I mention that he graduates in THREE WEEKS?


Today, the choir is singing at state. They sang last weekend in a contest in KC at Worlds of Fun and..... they took FIRST PLACE!!! They are doing so well this year. Thursday evening is Dak's last High School Spring Concert. I am so proud of him and am looking so forward to it. It is almost like Senior Night at a sporting event, because they recognize all of the Seniors, and this year there are 13 Seniors. WOW!! I'm so excited for Dak and all the Seniors!!!

Yesterday he signed up for SOAR. That is his orientation for COLLEGE. It will be in July and it is a two day event. COLLEGE ORIENTATION!!! Moving on.....

I did get his announcements sent last week, the day my mom went into the hospital. So I'm thankful that is done. I am trying to get his Party Invitations out tomorrow as that is NEXT SUNDAY!!! WOW!!

I hope y'all have a Blessed day ~~

***** The kid's just called ~~ and they got a 1 at state in choir. First time in 7 years!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!


  1. How great for the kids! So proud when someone works hard and gets credit for it. Yea,baby, THREE WEEKS. How time flies when you are having fun, huh? God is keeping you busy so this doesn't hurt so much. Enjoy. There is joy in all things through Christ. Love ya, babe.

  2. what awesome memories he's making for the last few weeks.

    3 weeks? Wow they get out early there. Our kids dont get out until the end of the first week of June!!!!

    Did the school year FLY by or what?!

  3. Such an exciting time, Dawn... and he's going out with a BANG! Love it!

    Hope y'all are making it just fine with your mom's care.