Sunday, April 17, 2011

Update on Mom and SSMT #8

WOW it has been a fast moving and changing few days. On Thursday, my baby sis and I took my mom to her new oncologist. The Oncologist mom has had for years retired, and so we have a new one. Dr. W is so sweet and from Johannesburg, South Africa and has a lovely accent. We really like her. While we were there, they did the routine blood work, weight and vitals, and found that mom's heart was only beating 40 beats per minute. Of course, this was very concerning as it was a new symptom. So in a whirlwind of events, she was admitted to the hospital. I stayed with her the first night, expecting a pacemaker surgery Friday morning, but at about 10:30 PM the nurse came in and said that mom was in A-Fib and that she had called the cardiologist and our primary care, because her blood pressure had also gone through the roof, but her heart was still only beating between 38-44 bpm. It was so strange. Well, the doc came in the next morning and said that they were holding off on the pacemaker until they got the test results back from the echocardiagram. He told us her AV node was plaqued and that may require a new valve, which would have not been good at all, as that is open heart surgery. But he came in later and told us that the AV node had changed (in two years), but at this time would not require surgery, but would continue to deteriorate. But we deal with now right? Yep, so we did and she was taken into surgery about 4:40 pm on Friday and the pacemaker was put in, and her heart immediately responded and is now beating between 60 - 70 bpm. That is good news, but the best news in all this came yesterday when the PA came in and told us that the pacemaker was also taking care of the A-Fib so no blood thinners right now. YAY!!! So happy!! Well, for a month someone will have to stay with her 24/7, and as a family, we are working this out, so if you don't see me a lot on here for a little while, know that I miss you and love you and will try to keep you updated and post some fun graduation happenings. And we'd sure appreciate your prayers for our sweet mother Christine, and also for us, her kiddos, my brother Rusty and sisters Rhonda and Dena and myself for wisdom and strength. We get along really well, and for that I am so thankful. We are all on the same page with mom's care, and know that we may have to make some hard decisions regarding that, in the not so distant future. But we are holding on to the One who loves us the most. ************************************************** Well, Friday was also the 15th and time for a new SSMT #8. WOW!! Well, I had another verse picked out, but it just doesn't seem like the one for this time. And the LORD has laid this verse on my heart for some time and I've quoted it right along with my other ones now for weeks, so time to make it official. Jonah 2:8 "Those who cling to worthless idols, forfeit the grace that could be theirs." Thank you so much for your sweet comments and prayers. They are of great strength to me right now. Love you so ~~ Oh one more thing..... do you remember my SSMT #7 "(She) He will have no fear of bad news; (her) his heart is steadfast, trusting in the LORD." Yep He knew exactly what I would need. Love you so ~~


  1. Hey lady... I got your message, but it came across sounding like a ROBOT!!! VERY odd... but I got the point of the message. So thankful things are going smoothly for your momma! My family is still praying - & will continue - for your momma. Just so glad you all went to the oncologist when you did!!!!

    Hugs to you & your family & you all focus on taking care of your beautiful mom!

  2. Dearest, praying for your Mom! Thankful God's Hand is on her! Praying for you and your family and may this Holy week be blessed with the presence and peace of GOD in every area!

    I love you!