Friday, May 20, 2011

Random Friday

So I am feeling a bit out-of-sorts. We have a new normal with Dak graduating High School. Our schedules are different. It's weird, because I keep wanting to set my alarm at night to make sure he's up for school. Weird.


He starts college August 19th. And he keeps reminding me. Hmpfff.... I am really proud of him and really want him to Soar. I know it is time.....I will just miss him so much.

So we decided that when he moves out (GASP!) that I can use his room for my scrapbooking. It was so funny, because when I told him, he said, "But mom, I'll still come home on break. Where will I sleep?" Silly boy. I told him, of course his bed will still be in there, I'm just gonna use the room. I asked him if he just wanted his room to be unused and me walk by it several times a day and just be sad because he's not in there. Since I said it that way =) he thought it was a good idea.


In other news: I never talk about my job on here. I'd venture to say that y'all didn't even know that I had a job, but I do. Well, kind of. I take appointments and do secretarial stuff for my stepson's business. He owns a carpet cleaning business. He does the cleaning and I do the appointments and customer service type of things. Well this past weekend, his Groupon came out. And can I just tell you that it has been CRAZY!!!

He sold 167 and it is just the two of us. WOW!! I thought things were going to slow down when Dak graduated. Yeah, that hasn't happened yet. But we are SO proud of Chase (Sir Cuteness's daddy). He is a great guy!!! Just a really good person and great dad and business owner.


And speaking of Sir Cuteness, at this moment he is in his high chair singing at the top of his lungs, "YES JESUS LOVES ME.....YES JESUS LOVES ME.....YES JESUS LOVES ME....." Oh my, I love this child so. And yes Sir Cuteness, Jesus definitely loves you, you sweet thang!!!


Thanks for spending a few minutes in my randomness. I have fun packages that are suppose to be coming in the mail today for Chase, Mr. Winslow and myself. Oh bring on the mail!!! =)

Hope you all have a Blessed and Beautiful weekend and remember.....

"You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden." Matthew 5:14

(I'm loving SSMT!!)

Love you ~~


  1. That's another blog buddies memory verse!! How funny is that!!!

    Groupon! WOW!! People snag up on those deals. That's exciting that the business picked up so much from that!

    Love how you "guilt"..I mean, talked with... Dak into letting you use the room. haha!!! But that's smart. Make it still a room you can enjoy & not be overly depressed of him not being there. Dak just has to sleep with ribbons & flowers & scrap paper on his head when he's back. That's the price of moving out for college :)

    next time - you gotta video Sir Cuteness singing... ahhh!!!

  2. You're gonna love having a hobby room!!

  3. That's awesome about your stepson's business and WHO KNEW that you had a "job"!! I have certainly snagged my share of can really get some great deals on there. So glad to know that y'all had such a great response to yours! LOTS of changes going on in your life, but definitely exciting times! ( :