Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tornadoes and Our Time in the Bunker!!

Oh my....The tornado that hit Joplin is just devastating. Joplin is about an hour and twenty mins from here and it is where Missouri Southern College is that Dak and I toured and it was one of his final two picks.

Our hearts are SO sad for the city of Joplin. The tornado came upon them so quickly. They only had five minutes warning. It formed just west of them. And it has destroyed 25 - 30 % of the city. Just devastating.

If you would like to see pictures or read more about this devastating tornado you can go here or here. These are two of our local tv stations.

After the tornado hit Joplin it headed our way. Our neighbors have moved to California, but still have their house here and before they left they put in a storm shelter, so my husband went around the neighborhood and gathered up people to tell them to get to the shelter. So we got in the bunker and rode it out. Sir Cuteness did so well. He was so brave. We were all so proud of him.

It blew over us and didn't hit our town at all. But it did damage south of here.

Dak was not here when it hit, but he was at a friend's house with a basement, but it hit harder there than it did here. It was hard to be away from him in such a severe storm.

Today we have LOTS of storms in the area and right now is bearing down on Joplin again. Please pray for them!!!!!

The storms are headed this direction as well, so I had Dak get dressed and ready to go to the buker if we need to, and I have Sir Cuteness ready to go as well. So we can just go quickly if we need to.

My sister is a nurse and she is calling her local hospital to see if they need her to go to Joplin and volunteer. Dena you are a hero to me. I love you so!!!

Please pray for all in Joplin and hold them up. The death toll is 89 and they fear that will go up.

Thank you for reading and remembering Joplin and this entire area in your prayers.

You are God and You are in control. I praise You and love You Father. Please help the people devastated by this storm. Be with everyone in Joplin and all who will come to help. Father, help those of us who can't be there, to hold the hands up of those who are there, by praying. May we be Your hand extended to those who need You so. I love You Father and I trust You.
In Jesus Christ Name I Pray, Amen


  1. What a sweet sister you have...

    It is so sad... all the devestation. In just a blink of an eye. Without warning.

    My heart breaks for the town, the people, all the loss...

    so glad you all were safe.

  2. Dawn, my mind has been with them since I read about it last night. Having just gone through what we did a few weeks ago I know the hurt, the pain, the anxieties, etc. I have been praying for them. In fact, David & I stayed up till 3 am this morning because there was the threat of severe weather here but thankfully it moved north (not that I want it affecting anybody but we could use a break!).

    I am going to be praying for you guys too as the weather looms around you. Update us as you can so we know you guys are o.k. too!

    I'm praying for a tornado shelter for us everyday. We need one so badly and I believe the only safe place is underground when these storms hit. They are fierce!

    Love you my friend!!

  3. So, so sad!! It was hard being here in TX when the rest of my family was in harm's way. Praying for the people of Joplin.