Thursday, May 5, 2011

Random Saturday~~ Lots of Pics =)

Okay, so this started as a Random Friday Post, but I have SO many pics on here that it has taken me 2 days to upload them. I have been one busy girl, but I so wanted to get these up, because there are so many things going on right now, I want to make sure they get documented on here as well as in my scrapbooks.

So here we go..... these are all pics from Dak's last day of High School EVER!!! CRAZINESS!!

But in true Dak style, the boy went out with a bang =) He took my camera to school and took like 150 pics (or something close to that....give or take a few). It was so cute!!!

Well, here he is with Liza, his Prom date. And just FYI, Prom is TONIGHT!!
Isn't she pretty? And so sweet. I am really looking forward to seeing her in her dress.

This is my boy, pouting..... I'm not sure I'm buying it =)

My boy and me ~~ oh, be still my heart!! (It was early in the morning so no make-up ~~ but oh well, it was so worth it to get a pic with my baby!!)

Dak and Mr. Lawson, the Libraian and one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.

Dak and our neighbor Tori. She is beautiful inside and out!!!

Dak and Airelle ~~ SO funny!!!

Dak and Chazalin (Love her name).....

Dak and Alyssa. Enough said .....

Dak and Mr. Houser, his College Comp teacher. Wow was this a challenging class for Dak, but he learned so much from SUCH a good teacher. He has made Dak a better boy.

Cleaning out the locker. Sad.

Dak and Allie Economy ~~ GREAT name and such a pretty girl.....


Party in the locker =) .....

Dak and Mrs. Montgomery, his school counselor. Oh my, this woman has helped us SO much!! We love you Mrs. M!

hahahaha .....

Chem II ~~ yep there were 5 in this class.....5 and they did Chem II right .....

Dak and Airelle again. She is a KNOCKOUT!!!!! .....

So sweet!!!

Dak, Chaz and Marlee.....

 Love them!!!

Dak and Mrs. Wyatt, his Business teacher and one of my PT buddies. She blew her knee out last summer playing tennis, and we had the same PTist. How cool is that?!! She is now doing great and is having a baby. Congratulations Mrs. W ~~ We love you and we're gonna miss you!!

Dak and Taylor ~~ yes PLEASE notice the glasses ~~ that's my boy!!!

(My mom thought they were a joke. When I told her he was serious. She couldn't believe it!!) hahahahaha

Dak and Taylor after school. They went and ate Mexican and then came home and played Guitar Hero to "School's Out Forever" !! Hahahaha ~~ At least High School anyway =)

So tonight is Prom, tomorrow evening is Baccaleaurate and then Monday is Tennis Districts at 3:00 PM, Grad at 8:00 PM and then Project Grad bus leaves at 9:30 PM. WOW!!!

I love this boy so ~~ thank you for letting me share him with you!!

Have a Blessed Saturday,


  1. Wow! I can't believe it's graduation time. Dak lucked out.... with all the snow days,I be the rest of the school doesn't get out for a few more weeks. (I lucked out my Sr. year too)
    Enjoy it all!

  2. Fun photos! You're weekend is going to be a whirlwind! What is Project Grad bus???

  3. I love all the pictures...

    all of his teachers look sooooo young! That is a sign I must be getting old :)

    That one of Dak with the camera overhead... his arms look CRAZY LONG!

    And speaking of crazy? How big are those lockers?!?!?!?! You couldnt even put like 2 binders in our lockers... a coat wouldnt even fit in them... Schools have come a long way! (see I am old) haha!!!

    Praying for safety & fun today for all the prom-goers