Thursday, May 5, 2011

First Last Day of School ~~ tear.

Well today is a very note worthy first last ~~~ THE LAST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL!!! For my sweet boy.

Can you even believe it?!!

So last night I melted down. I knew it was coming. Yep, it came. It has been overwhelming these last couple of days. I went for a walk and cried and I kind of felt better.

And this morning as he popped his head in and then headed to school (complete with pictures coming soon). I didn't cry, but he almost did =) He came in yesterday from school and said, "Mom, this is weird. Today was my last final's." I assured him that he would have way more finals in college, and to that he said, "Okay, my last finals in High School." Bless his heart.


I have many things to share with you and many things to post about. I have so many projects I've been working on and want to share with y'all. Hopefully I can do that this weekend. But we will see as it is Prom Weekend, Baccelaurate Sunday and Graduation on Monday. So lots of busy stuff coming up, but I'm hoping for some quiet moments in there too.

Thanks for checking in and loving on me. It means more than you know ~~

Have a Blessed day ~~


  1. I have really enjoyed Dak's senior year! He is an amazing kid with so much talent! I know your heart is exploding these days. They are sweet times!

    Have an amazing weekend!!

  2. Prom? After the last day of school? That's craziness! I've never heard of prom being right before graduation. Like the idea though...

    Cant wait to see all the pictures though.

    Yeah - I'm sure Dak is feeling it. Its a weird feeling knowing you are in that school for the last time when you've been there so many days the past few years...

    I cant believe its here...