Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Letters ~~ New Job Edition

My dear Dak,

This has been a BIG week for you!!! You started a new job at Price Cutters on Thursday. You love your job so far and are really liking the independence this will give you.

Here you are on the first day of work.

You look so cute in your "uniform", which is black pants and a white button up and then your apron and hat you have at work.

I love you so my boy!! And I'm so proud of you.

So sweet.....

In other news, you are hanging out with your friends after work and loving being out of school.

In July we will have SOAR, which is your student orientation and then in August you move into your dorm. tear. You are SO excited!!!

You are such a sweet boy and I love you so ~~ Always, MOM


My Dear Sir Cuteness,

You have been sick this week. We've had you to the doctor once and then Urgent Care yesterday, but you are feeling better today. I'm so glad!!! Gamma doesn't like to see you sick.

We've had some fun moments with you this week. You

Here you are in my running walking shoes. So cute!!

Be still my heart.....

Ahhhh..... I love you so my sweet boy.....

Here are you and KoKo at McDonald's the day before he started work. So sweet!!!

And me and you......

I love you so Sir Cuteness.....

Now let's have a week of NO sickness, shall we?......... =)

Love you to the moon, Moon, MOON ~~ Gamma


My Mr. Winslow,

You continue to be such a great help to me. With the doctor news this week of six more months of rest and exercise and balancing stuff with this knee, you are complete strength. I know it hurts you that I hurt. I love you ~~

You are my hero.

I love you Sweetie ~~ Petrii

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