Thursday, May 26, 2011


Ok, so let me start with some fun stuff. Dak started his new job at Price Cutters today. I have a few pics I took before he left, but I don't have my camera cord right here, so I'll post when I get those downloaded. He was so cute in his "uniform".

He just texted me a few mins ago and said he was on his first break and had had his first customer. He said she was a little old lady and was really patient with him. He is so cute (have I told y'all that? heehee) He was eating a piece of pound cake on his break, so he was one happy boy. He loves all things pound cake =)


Sir Cuteness is off his breathing treatments and doing just fine. We are so thankful that it cleared up.


Joplin is still in HUGE need of our prayers. I am including a link that is just heart breaking. It is a before and after look at some of the buildings in Joplin, like the Wal-Mart and Home Depot and neighborhoods. It is devastating. Please go over to this site, and please pray for our dear friends in Joplin.


I went to my knee doctor yesterday and he said that my knee is still very stiff and to give it SIX MORE MONTHS. That is all I will say about that.....

I go see him again in November.....



I'm hoping to find that camera cord and get some fun pics and fun Random Friday stuff up tomorrow ~~

Have a Blessed Day ~~


  1. Yeah for Dak's new job & that he likes it so far! Glad to hear Sir Cuteness is doing well too! Your poor knee my friend....I'm still praying everyday for it and for you! Sidney went back to the Dr. for her ear surgery re-check and got the exact same report "give it 6 more months and let's see how it looks then to determine what to do next". So she goes back in Nov. as well. Here is to good Nov. Dr. visits! Love you guys & hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

  2. 6 more months... your poor knee. God is definitely giving you some lessons on PATIENCE, isnt He?

    Cant wait to see Dak in his work uniform! YIPEE for first jobs. So begins the learning of real life & money! :)