Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sunday Letters ~~ Prom Edition

My Dear Sweet Dak,

You are just the sweetest thing ever!! I am so proud to be your mama. "Your a standing ovation after years of waiting.... Everyone calls you amazing.....I just call you mine."

Last night was Prom, and son, you and Liza were just stunning together. She looked so beautiful and you were SO handsome, I could hardly stand it =) You make me smile and cry, but I guess that's your job, right?

You are so cute!!!

Here you are with your new Prom kicks. You make me smile =)

You looked so handsome and you were so nervous ~~ it was cute!! I love it that you care about things like this so much. You just want things to go well. I love it.

Ahhh, you are so sweet.

You and Eliza Anne, looked just beautiful together.

She looked just stunning.

So nice.


Such a pretty girl!!

This picture is so funny. You and Liza got in the car and she was
texting and you were getting your Pod hooked up. It cracked me up. In my day, we turned the radio on. That's it. Just the radio.

And your off =)

and there you go.....

You had such a good time. Y'all danced and "kept your distance" and you had a GREAT time!!
All the pictures are just so good and funny. Y'all ate at "Nonnie's". You said it was delicious and expensive =) You loved it though.

Then you went to an after party at Melissa's and your allergies went crazy like they always do at Melissa's =) but you still enjoyed yourself immensely.

Tonight we went to Baccelaurate. It was so beautiful. The speaker was great and the reception was delicious. They really did a good job for you all.

Son, tomorrow night is graduation. WOW!!! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!! I know that most people do graduate from High School, but you are graduating with honors and scholarships. You have worked so hard. I love you so much. God has so Blessed my life with you, my dear child.

So, onto Monday now. Tennis Districts at 3:00 PM, Graduation at 8:00 PM and Project Graduation after that. Busy day, busy time with you my dear boy. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I love you so ~~ Mom


Sir Cuteness,

You have been so sick this week. You had to go to the hospital. You had to have a breathing treatment and steroids, but they gave you a dragon mask to wear with your nebulizer, and when you got back to your mama's you told her, "Mama, I never want to take it off!" =) You

I love you to the moon, Moon, MOON ~~ Gamma


My Mr. Winslow,

Things has been SO crazy around here for the last few weeks, but it is about to calm down. You are working seven days a week right now. Thank you so much for all you do for us.

You are my hero.

I love you Sweetie ~~ Petrii

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  1. I LOOOOVVVEEEEEE Dak even more for wearing those shoes! How AWESOME is he? He looks so handsome! & his date is just gorgeous in her dress! I love prom season seeing everyone looking so glamorous!

    Can you believe TODAY is the DAY!!!! I'm thinking of you today as you watch your baby in his cap & gown. Remember, the end of something is the beginning of something even better :)