Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Graduation Part 1 ~~ The Baccalaureate Edition

Whew ~~ it has been a crazy few days..... There are SO many pictures and fun stories associated with the past few days, I thought I'd share them in 3 editions.

The first one being Baccalaureate on Sunday. Please keep in mind that Prom was Saturday night, Baccalaureate on Sunday (Mother's Day), First Round Tennis Team Districts (which they won by the way), Graduation at 8:00 PM and Project Grad Bus leaving at 9:30 PM. WOW!! Yep I am tired. Not even playin' =)

So I posted about Prom in "Sunday Letters" so we'll move onto Sunday, which was Mother's Day. I went and spent some time with this pretty lady....my mama.

My mama is 71. Isn't she just beautiful?

I had called before I came over and asked if she'd do my nails for Graduation (next day) and she quickly obliged. My mom is a GREAT nailist!!! She's done her own for YEARS!!

Not only did I get a mani, but I also got a pedi. Thanks mom!! It was a huge help and they looked SO nice. Matched my dress just beautifully =)

Well, you know Mother's Day gave me a reason to make my mom a pretty little card.

I LOVE these papers!! And you are not going to get to see it because Blogger just deleted that picture. Oh brother. I will try to remember to put it back on here in another post. It was really cute.


I found some quotes about prayer and mother's and so I included those in mom's card, and thanked her for always praying for me, and all her kids. I told her it definitely has made the difference in our lives. And to keep up the good work =)

"If you have a mom, there is nowhere you are likely to go that a prayer has not already been."
Robert Brault

This one is a Abraham Lincoln quote. I love AL quotes. This one may be a new favorite of mine.

"I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life." Abraham Lincoln.

Love it.

Then this sweet boy and I went out to eat. Yep, we kept the tradition of trying a new place neither of us had been before, so this year it was Red Robin.

(He's so tired. But he said Prom was SO fun!)

Me waiting for.....

This beautiful thang.....my vegan burger. Get out of town!!! I know. It was SO good too and they let me build it just the way I like it, complete with quacamole. Oh my, it was SO good!!

I don't know. =)

Look at this HUGE burger, Dak ordered. It was SO good!! (So he told me =)

They have endless fries at Red Robin's so we decided one of us would get the fries and one would get onion rings. Look at this babies............. Dak said they were delish!!

Here is Dak enjoying his Mint Cookie Shake and he is so mad at me right now.....see his face. Because he was SO full, but he wanted it, so I made him drink it. I am so mean =) heehee

So full.....

Then that evening we went to the Clever First Baptist Church for Baccalaureate. They did a really nice job.

My girl, Trisha, sang an Audio Adreneline song: Goodbye - Goodbye

She did good!

Here is Chazlin reading some Scripture.....

The speaker was the Youth Leader from a neighboring town. She was really good.

She read out of the 139th Psalm. Yes, I was overjoyed!!! Those of you who read my blog regularly know that Dak and I read the 139th Psalm on the first day of school. It was a fitting close to his High School career. God ALWAYS knows what He's doing!!

She also gave an altar call. I'd never been at a Baccalaureate that an altar call was given. Apparently there were some mixed emotions by at least one of the parent's, but I thought it was terrific. Anytime that Christs' Name is glorified and people who don't know Him have the opportunity to know Him, I say ABSOLUTELY!!! It was terrific!!!!!

Here are the kids that attended. Such a good group of kiddo's.

Here is Dak and Bobby. Bobby is a good kid. He's going to be a diesel mechanic.

Me and my girl Alyssa. She looked SO pretty!!

Ummm, yeah.

The church really made it so nice for us, complete with sandwiches, relish trays, nuts, mints, cake and drinks. It was really great!!! Then they donated the balloons to us for Project Grad. It was a nice touch.

Look at these tables.....really pretty.

This is Marlee. Such a sweet and pretty girl.

It was such a nice evening. And we really appreciated the church for hosting this.

And tomorrow, onto graduation!!


  1. Wow! That's great to hear they gave an alter call... I have a feeling it won't happen again. Unfortunatly.
    I used the same quote from Robert Brault on my MIL's gift. Too funny!

  2. Your mom IS so beautiful! I love that she did your nails... what a great mother/daughter bonding time!

    Love your card... I also love AL's quotes... as well as Mother Teresa's! Good stuff!

    Look at that veggie burger! WITH GUAC? I'm so jealous! MMM - I'm obsessed lately with onion rings lately too.. not a good thing.

    I LOVE they gave an alter call... take every chance you can to have someone give their life to Christ!

    Look at Trisha!! GO GIRL!!!

    Cant wait to hear all about the BIG DAY!!!

    Hope you're doing OK now that everything is "calming down" (like things ever calm down - right?)
    Love you friend!

  3. What lovley tribute to your mum and great pictures of the rest of your family, thanks for sharing.