Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Remember who you are....."

Last Friday, I had an appointment at a lady's house to get Quickbooks loaded onto a laptop and then to take a quick course on using it. I know your probably thinking, "you don't know how to use Quickbooks?" I know, sad right? =)

Well, I have only worked on corporation software in my days of working outside the home, so now that I am working from home for a small business, I need to try my hand at Quickbooks.

So as I went to her house I flipped to a song on my "Pod" ... "Born Again" by Third Day and immediately as they started singing, God spoke this to my heart:
"Remember who you are....."

I wrote it down immediately and knew that I was about to get the opportunity to talk about my God.

So I went in this very beautiful home, and the lady was so nice and while she downloaded the software, she walked me through the parts that I would need to know.

When we were done, we got to talking. The subject of church "came up" and she asked me where I went, so I told her and asked her and she told me and you could tell she was then waiting for me to comment. Like where she went was a bad thing or something.

I actually have had very good experiences with her church, and have always regarded her church as very caring and such a loving environment.

And I got to share with her this story:

When my sweet Dak was about 10, back in the days where he got paid for good grades =) we went to a Fall Festival at this church. I love all things Fall Festival, and so does Dak, so we had headed out that day and found ourselves at this beautiful place. Well, Dak had gone to look at some goodies while I was at another table (I think) and he encountered a booth that had a beautiful pin.

He asked this sweet little old lady how much she wanted for the pin and she told him it was $18.00. Well, Dak looked sad and said, "oh my mom would just love this pin, but I only have $13.00. Thank you anyway..." and he started to walk away. The little old lady, I'm sure moved by this sweet 10 year old with his crew cut and glasses said, "hey little boy. It's $18 but today it is on sale for $13." To which, Dak smiled from EAR TO EAR and put down the LAST of his money to buy his mama this pin.....

It might have only cost him $13, but it is priceless to me.

When I told the lady this story she just smiled from ear to ear and started recalling some of the beautiful sweet little old ladies in her church. It was a sweet moment.

I am so happy that God gave me the opportunity to talk about how He moves and getting to recall such a sweet story.

I'm thankful that God reminded me to "remember who you are...."

Yesterday, I had another very important "remember who you are....." moment as well, and this particular incident would have been a diaster if I hadn't remembered those four words, "remember who you are....." I'm pretty sure this is a theme for me right now =)

Hope you all have a beautiful day ~~ Sky and I have a play date with Hayden and Carrie today ~~ oh so looking forward to lots of sand play =)

Have a Blessed day ~~


  1. What a sweet story... I bet that pin means the WORLD to you. I just imagine Dak as a little boy wanting to get that for you. I mean, even $13 is like a hundred to a kid! And he wanted to spend it on you... ahhh - that makes me teary! :)

    "Remember who you are..." - that's in the Lion King too :)

    Quickbooks? Oh girl... you'll love it. The reports it can give you where you can see your spending - EXCELLENT!

    So glad you got the book too - just knew God had it in the works for you to get it! :) Love you lady!

  2. First off I LOVE LOVE that song, It helps me so often and when I hear it, it just brightens my day everytime!

    What a beautiful moment and it always reminds me of the kindness!

    Thank you for stopping by for my Flip Flop Swap, love to have ya :)

    I'm your newest follower :)