Monday, June 13, 2011

WOW ~~ Hi I'm Back ~~ Silly Blogger.....

So I have not posted in a week ~~ A WEEK!!!  Oh my.... that is a long time huh?  =)

Well, I took a video last Friday to post and couldn't get Blogger to post it and then I tried Vimeo and it wouldn't convert and finally decided to try youtube and finally got it to upload and then Blogger wouldn't let me post it. 


But I am back, with video in tow =)

This is a video of our garden this year.  Yes it is me behind this skinny video.  I took it with my "Pod" and I don't know how to get it to transfer over right onto youtube.  I've seen others be able to to it, but I am just not that youtube or video savvy for that matter.

But anyway.....

Here is a video of our garden and my knee at the very end.  Thought I'd just throw that in there too.

Next week I go to see a pain doctor.  We are going to try to get this girl under control. 

So enjoy the video and I hope that it comes out okay.

Love you ~~


  1. Love your video. And the jungle gym he built is so cool I want one in my back yard :).

    The garden looks wonderful! Sorry the video gave you such trouble what a pain in the behind!

  2. You are just the cutest thing EVER - I'm tell ya!

    It totally blows my mind how God made things like that to work together - the seeds, the soil, the water & sun to grow it...all to nourish us & to make us HEALTHY! Amen sister - He is to be worshipped!!!!

    Your guarden... can I say I'm compeletely in awe & totally jealous :) I cant garden because if I even touch anything "green" like grass or leaves, I break out in hives. But oh, the benefits of having a garden - especially one like that! You've got it going on!!!! I'd be in pepper heaven myself! And cucumbers.. mmmm. Fun Fact - that's the only food that gives me horrible heartburn! I heard its the seeds in them. Isnt that crazy?

    Love the video! You'll have to do an update as things grow. I love to see the blooms turn into tiny creations that grow into yummy goodness!

    And cant wait to hear about the sand on the trampoline! :)

    Love ya lady!!!