Monday, June 27, 2011

Some Fun Stuff Going On ~~

WOW!!  We have had so many fun things going on the last few days.
I wanted to get this video up over the weekend, so I won't feel behind, but it didn't happen.

On Saturday, I got to spend the first half of my day with Dak and Alyssa.  It was SO much fun!!!
We had coffee at Hebrew's Coffee and did a little shopping and had lunch at McAlister's.
It was a fun day!!

Then Saturday afternoon my mom and Georgia came over and we BBQ'd and then our little town had fireworks, and we watched them right from our house.  So fun!!

Well, my knee is feeling so much better that today I cleaned out a closet and did a fun project for my table for 4th of July.  I will be showing you that soon too (hopefully tomorrow =)

Well for today, I wanted to share with you this video that I made about a fun and useful project to me. 
I made this book out of a scrap piece of cardboard for the base. 
WOW what a girl can do with cardboard =)

Not all of it is out of one piece of cardboard, but the main pages are and I added (and still adding) lots of fun pages and elements.

So enjoy!!

Love you ~~


  1. That is wonderful! I'm so glad you were able to make a few flowers..and red, white, and blue sounds so festive! Have a wonderful week and I hope to hear from you again soon! : )

  2. I just got my study book in the mail... the study does start July 11th - I have a countdown on my desk :) But I have my "spot" all ready at home - cleaned it out - got my Bible there with my guide just waiting for the day to start. And you have me EVEN MORE excited about it now!!!!!!

    You've got me thinking about how I'm going to go through this study with a neat little personal touch myself! :)

    Your book is BEAUTIFUl - as usual! Love how you just show your creativity through it.. such little details that are so lovely!

    I've never done a study with the Bible Cafe before but excited about it!

    And yep... excited for our Gretta!!! What an amazing experience I'm sure God has in store for her!!!

    Happy Tuesday friend!!! Love you!