Friday, June 24, 2011

Random Friday ~~ The Divine Appoinment Edition

Hello my dear Blog Friends ~~
It is Friday so ya know what that means.....



You know, sometimes, God gives you appointments just from Him.  Already, set-up & arranged in Heaven.  And then our job is to be obedient to that appointment.  We had one of those last night.

A couple months a go Dick hired a new guy at work.  He has talked alot about him and what a good worker he is, and just what an overall good guy he seems to be. 

Well, he was telling my husband that his oldest daughter (17) was born blind and she has a gift for music. 
Well, Dick told him that I play piano and little of the story behind that for me, and he was intrigued. 
He went home and told his daughter about me and she said, "Oh daddy, so you think she'd help me?"  How sweet is that?!!

So last night was the night.  I don't mind telling you that I was nervous.  You see, I have played piano my whole life and I'm most comfortable playing in a praise and worship situation, but when I am kind of put on the spot, I get so nervous.

Well they came in and immediately this sweet thing, shook our hands and went right to our piano.  She asked if she could play and then sat down and started playing.  I was blown away by her ability and talent.  God has truly gifted this young one.  They said that when she was about 2 years old she started rocking (that's part of the blindness) and so her daddy got her a keyboard, and for a solid year, she would play one note a day over and over and over.  And then one day they were at church and came home and she took off playing a song she heard and has never stopped.  She is truly a gifted muscian.

They asked me to play, so I sat down (still very nervous) and played a song for them.  You see a lot of times I will take a song and compose it differently than it was written.  I just hear music differently than most.  So that is what I'd done with "As the Deer".  She recognized it and then after she heard it her mom said, "Do you remember how Miss Dawn played "As the Deer"?  Play it like that."  It took her a minute, like she was recalling it and she started to play what I had played.  It was amazing!!!  It wasn't exact, but it was her version of mine and it was just beautiful!!  I was completely amazed.

Then Dick asked me to play a song I wrote several years ago, and so I did and then later played it again for them, and sure enough, this young one set off to playing it.  It was truly amazing!!! 

She also plays violin, and Dak was here and got out his violin and she tuned it up and started playing it.  She is SO good on the violin, and totally self-taught.  She couldn't figure out how to do vibrato on the violin, because you can't just show her to move her fingers a certain way, she had to feel it.  So she would put her fingers on Dak's and feel the way that he did it, and within minutes, literally minutes she was doing it. 

This young lady is such a talent, and I am really looking forward to spending more time with her and her family.  I prayed that God would use me to help her, but I told Him that I knew she would help me tremendously as well.  I already knew that before I met her.  It was a Divine Appointment!!!

The thing that struck me the most about this young lady is that she is not defined by her blindness. 

She LOVED Sir Cuteness (of course) and he was so intrigued by her.  It was so sweet.
She could hear whenever someone new came in and out and within minutes knew our voices.  It was amazing!!!

I hope this is the start of a long and beautiful friendship.....


So what in the world is Sir Cuteness so happy about right here?

 Yep, slippers on his feet in the middle of June =)
Heehee ~~
 I asked him what he was doing and he said, "I want to wear my slippers outside....."
Ummm..... okay.....  =)
 This boy makes me ALL shades of HAPPY!!!!!  =)

And can you believe he will be 3 the end of next month?!!

 And just thought I'd show you the finished product of my Breakfast Video yesterday.
Yes I know, it probably doesn't look appetizing to some of you,
but trust me, this is all kinds of yummy goodness for you.
It taste SO good and is just so stinkin' good for you ~~
It's a WIN-WIN!!!!!

 And can you guess what this is?...........

 Yes, his hair is now yellow........
Oh wait, it has changed again and is now more white than yellow.....
He came home and added more bleach, dye stuff to his hair a couple of nights ago to make it even MORE blond.
The crazy train of hair.............
I love him so......
He makes me smile.....
And shake my head..... =)

 And this is what he thinks of what I think about it =)
Funny boy .....

So there you have it ~~ Randomness and fun on this Friday!!!

Oh wait, just a little more randomness.....
I am doing a Flip-Flop swap through the blog "Running Away?  I'll Help You Pack?"  (Don't you LOVE that title ~~ makes me LOL  =)  anyway.....

I saw a comment on RJ's blog a couple of weeks ago inviting her to come over to that blog and participate and being the good friend I am,  =)  decided I'd go over to.....ya know, don't want to make a friend go alone =)    and I'm so happy I did. 

I got my buddy info yesterday and she is from ALASKA!!!  I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to go to ALASKA!!  So I will live it vicariously though my Flip-Flop buddy =)   (at least for now).  So I'll be going to get some fun Flip-Flops for her. 
So fun!!!   

Hope you have a Blessed and Beautiful Day ~~


  1. I have always wanted to go to Alaska myself... maybe we need to go hand deliver those flip flops :)

    Tell Dak his hair is going to fall out!! Seriously though - a girl in our youth group kept dying her hair & seriously just started breaking in pieces when she would comb it... but let him know I think a bald headed Dak would make a handsome Dak :)

    MY goodness - what a blessing to be able to meet such an amazing young lady. I love how something like "music" can bring people together. How God made our senses - if one is taken away, the others are heightened - that just is amazing to me. Cant wait to hear more about your friendship :)

  2. Hi there. I've missed reading your blog! It's been a while since I've posted or visted my blogging friends. Thank you for sharing that touching story. It truly was a divine appointment. What a gift!