Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Fun ~~

WOW ~~ What a fun weekend we had around here!!

Since Blogger is now working better than ever, my pics are downloading in the order I load them in, so my pics are backwards, as far as time line, so let's start with yesterday and Father's Day.....

My S-I-L Barb has a little boy Christian. 
He is 8 months older than Sir Cuteness.
Are they sweet together.
They like being at PaPa Wesley's.
 Sir Cuteness
(I have more pics of this day on my other camera, but don't have time to upload them this morning, so we'll wait on those =)
 Saturday I went to my friend Jessie's Personal Shower, which was help at my FAVORITE coffee house, Hebrews Coffee.  Oh my.....SO Good!!!  (More about the shower in a min....)
Well when I got home, my man and I talked for a bit and then Chase and Sir Cuteness came home from a birthday party for one of SC's little friends and he was OUT.
So Chase laid him down, but I had my purse on the bed, because I'd just gotten home myself not too long before and when I went to check on Sir Cuteness, this is what I found.....

 When I first saw him I was so startled.  I thought he'd must have gotten into something at the party and was having a very bad reaction.....
When I asked Sir Cuteness what was wrong with his face, he said, "I'll show you." and proceeded to get into my purse and pull out my lipstick.
And then when I went to get the wipes so PaPa could clean him up, the box had lipstick all over it from lipsticky fingers that had tried to clean it up himself.  Well at least he tried, right?  =)
OH how this little makes me laugh the hard belly laugh out loud kind of laugh =)
 Then before all of that fun, I had this kind of fun.
My sweet and beautiful friend Jessie (the one in the gorgeous bright pink hat =) is getting married to Chase's stepbrother Josh, next Saturday.
Jessie and I go way back.  We went to church together for several years and she helped me in the class that I taught.  Such a sweetie.  I wish her EVERY happiness!!!
Her and her man are so sweet.  She is such a wonderful girl, with such a pure heart for the LORD!!  And he is a man after God's own heart.  What a couple!!
And the lady sitting next to her is Ashley, and she is getting married in Aug.  WOW lots of fun for these two this summer.  I'm so happy for them!!!!!
 Okay and let's back up just a little more ~~ this is the salad I had for lunch just before I went to the shower.  How yummy is this simple salad?!!
I LOVE summer food!!  Lots to love for this vegetarian girl =)
Well, there you have it.  Our fun weekend!!  We had lots of fun yesterday on Father's Day and enjoyed our time with Dick's family. 

Have a Blessed day ~~ I am off to a new doc about my knee.........
I'll keep you posted.......
Love you ~~

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  1. That salad looks delish!!!!! My dad is growing a garden & this weekend I was telling him I wanted some of his lettuce.. mmmm....

    OH MY GOSH - I thought that was scabs & scratches all over Sir Cuteness's dear face!!! I woulda gasped looking at him. But that is too funny what it ended up being. Mischevious little boys keep you on your toes! He's looking SOOOO big lately! Growth spurt? Not a little baby much anymore. Time flies...

    Happy Monday my sweet friend!!!