Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Me and my knee ~~ The Video =)

Have I shared with y'all how much I am lovin' the new and improved, working with me, blogger?
It is making me smile right now.
Why? You ask?...  Well, because I went to download the video that I made for y'all yesterday and there it was.  Right in youtube, and I could go right to my account.  How cool is that?

So I made another video yesterday tell you all about my doc's appt, but it is so windy, I just have to laugh at myself.  That and the fact I'm still learning angles.  But anyway, it was fun to do and I hope you can hear it alright with all the wind.

I mean it was SERIOUSLY windy yesterday. 

But anyway I hope you enjoy it ~~

And I know ~~ a lot to take in, but I TOTALLY have a plan, okay let me rephrase....
God TOTALLY has a plan and I'm following that One.  It is the ONLY ONE that makes ANY sense. 
I needed this appointment to really put this whole thing in perspective.

My plan?  Oh yeah.........
Well you'll just have to stay tuned.....
As I am a work in progress =)

Love you all ~~ have a Blessed day ~~


  1. LOVED hearing your voice and seeing you on video. Praying! Hugs, Hope

  2. It was so stinking cool to actually see you "live" and hear you too! Our family is still praying for a full recovery for that knee of yours and trusting God through this ordeal. Love ya sweet friend and can't wait to see more v-logs from you!

  3. I am getting caught up on my blog reading. What a great post to get caught up on!! So nice to "meet" you, Dawn!

    I often wondered where you were at with pain meds and management. I was thrilled that you are trying the topical route to start! Praying that He decides to give you pain-free knees!!

  4. First of all - I'm hugging you so tight right now! For all that you are - an amazing child of God who stands BOLDLY in faith in HIM through anything...

    Oh friend! Dang it! I know that has to be discouraging... but we also know, like you said, our God is BIGGER... a HEALER... & is with you through every step. But DANG IT! I know that doesnt help with PAIN on days....

    WOW - that's some hard core medicine he's saying you can use. Good for you for not immediately jumping that route. I dont know if I asked - have you tried accupuncture? That was the ONLY thing that gave my dad relief in his back & leg & knee & hip. Just wondering.

    I'm going to keep on praying for you even more fervently... praying for God to reveal just a smidgen of His plan... though I already feel on my heart that His plan is just you showing your love & reliance on Him even in these struggles. You are pointing to Him... what a ministry that is... what a way to witness...

    I love you... I'm by your side in all of it... if it comes to down the road, you need me to move next door & take care of you...well, we'll just have to see what happens - (wouldnt that be great? I'd have you knitting in NO time & we'd LAUGH the pain away)

    Always thinking of you lady!!! Keeping SHININ' JESUS!!!!