Tuesday, July 5, 2011

BOOM ~~ BOOM ~~ BOOM!!! Fun on the Fourth of July!!

I hope you all had a fun, safe and Blessed 4th of July.

I really love the 4th of July.  It is my fav summer holiday.
It is always full of family, friends and food.
3 of my most favorite things!!


This pretty girl came and shared in the rivarly and fun with us.
Here she is playing Rummy with mom.
These two crack.me.up.

 And speaking of my beautiful mother,
here she is playing Rummy with Alyssa.
These two have SO much fun together.
Mom is feeling better.  That is some much needed good news for us.

 2 of my favorite people on the planet!!
 Sir Cuteness and I hanging out.....

 As only we can.....   =)
(LOVE this pic!!!)
 Sir Cuteness, Georgia and I
Yesterday was G's birthday.
We had SO much fun!!!
I missed her b-day party with her family because my car messed up yesterday morning while I was out, so my Mr. Winslow had to fix it when he got home, but it was an easy fix....YAY!!
Sorry I missed your party G ~~ but thanks for coming over and sharing the 4th of July fun with us!!!

 Cute Alyssa..... real cute =)

 G doing her thing on the grill.....
Chase getting his fireworks on.....
And Sir Cuteness, being....well, cute!!!  =)
 So why is Alyssa so happy?!!
Yep, she's beating Grandma (mom) at Rummy!!
It doesn't happen often, so enjoy Alyssa!!!
 Some of our delicious yumminess.....
 Burgers and dogs.....
 And Vegan Burgers for me and Alyssa, because that is the way we roll =) 
 And some chicky.....
 And then on to some firework fun.....

 This picture cracks.me.up. 
I crack.me.up.
Never take yourself too seriously.

 Our beautiful G.....
 It makes me laugh out loud that my 71 (almost 72) year old mother still shoots off fireworks.
At least a little bit. 
Her Asthma finally got the better of her and she had to go in and take her medicine,
but she sure had fun.

And what cracks me up about this pic, is that when my mom was looking at it last night, she immediately said, "Oh my mom would be having a fit with my legs wide open.  She was always saying, 'Christine, put your legs together and sit like a lady.'"  This makes me smile. 

My Grandma Lawson passed away the year before I was born and my mom still talks about Grandma all the time.  She tells me delightful stories about Grandma and Grandpa (they died together in a car accident).  My mom REALLY misses them, even now.  I love that about my mom.  She keeps their memories and heritage alive.  She says that my Grandma would have just LOVED me so much and my creative side.  Everytime I show mom something I've made she almost always says, "You and your Grandma would have just LOVED each other."  I love it!!!

 Hahahahahaha ~~ I am SUCH a chicken =)
 Rock right on pretty mama ~~ Rock right on!!!
 G you are too funny.....
 Bac-Bac-Bac ~~ see, chicken =)  .....

 Hahaha.....  You are so silly .....

 Our neighborhood did it up right this 4th of July.
There was some people who spent LOTS O' MONEY on a bang.
Not us.  I think I spent about $8 and we had LOADS of fun.
And Chase spent about $18 and had LOADS and LOADS of fun!!

 My man and Sir Cuteness having fun!!
 BOOM BABY!!!!! 
Brought to you by our neighbors =)
And there you have it ~~ our Fourth of July fun!!!
We had the best time.
And what is missing from this post?
Yes pics of Dak, because he worked yesterday, got off at 5:00 PM, came in for about 15 minutes and was off to a friends.  
I was just happy I got to see him for those few minutes. 
I'll take what I can get =)

Today Sir Cuteness and I are taking it easy.  We are SO tired from all that fun  =)

Hope your Fourth was fun and FULL of memories!!!

Love you so ~~ 


  1. I'd be the same way - scared to death! And GIRLLLL - you KNOW I dont take myself too seriously? That's the fun in life!

    So glad your momma is doing better!!!

    I just love Alyssa - never met her - but love her! That she loves to hang out & play rummy - says a lot about her fun self!

    I ADORE the picture of you & SC in the sideways pic - too funny!!!!

    Happy Birthday to Georgia!!! What a great weekend you had!

  2. Thanks for sharing the day with me, that maked it really special. The fireworks were great, who knew you and your mom would try to blow up things. Love you

  3. I was thinking all through the post "Where is Dak?" ha

    Looks like so much fun. So glad your Mom is doing better!