Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Life in Motion.....

So before my two major knee surgies, in '08 and '10, I was a crafting machine.
I LOVED doing seasonal things in our home.  I just think it makes it SO cozy.
But when all the knee and surgery craziness (3 knee surgies in that amount of time),
I kind of lost my crafting mojo somehow.
Yep, it was survival mode only around here for two years.
No time for pretty arrangements on the table, or pretty scrapbooks on the coffee table.
Not even time for a beautiful change of the seasons wreath on our door.
Yep, a dry crafting season for me.

But God makes ALL things new doesn't He?
That was a season He had me in, and one that I learned such huge lessons, that I wouldn't trade a perfect household full of craftiness in it, for.  Nope.  I learned and am still learning SO much!!

I am so thankful and grateful though that He has me crafting and homemaking again.
It is not as it was before.  Nope.
It's better.
Our house is fuller.
We have things like bouncy balls and toy horses scattered about,
but we also have beautiful little feet under foot.
We also have college bound kiddo's and busy working men.
It is a beautiful thing!!
And a beautiful time.
It is "Life in Motion".....
Our "Life in Motion"....
Yep a beautiful thing!

Today, I am getting to go with our beautiful Alyssa to register for fall classes at the school of her choice, and then tomorrow and Friday I'm off to SOAR with Dak.  His Freshman Orientation and registration for classes.  Yep it is a fun time around these parts.

And I don't know if y'all follow me on Facebook, but there have been lots of fun things going on in the knee department.

I'll be posting about that here soon.

But for today, please enjoy a little video of two arrangements I made for our table over the last couple of weeks. 

So happy to be crafting again and a shout out to Jessica McCash for her beautiful ideas.

Love you all ~~  Have a Blessed day ~~

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  1. You are just the cutest!!! I love the basket & can only imagine all the sweet yummy in it too... but love Sir Cuteness gobbled it up too! & who knew they had vegan marshmellows & graham crackers!!!

    I totally love blue & yellow together! & can totally see YELLOW when I think of you - bright & cheerful & lovely but warm & inviting :)

    You've got me wanting to go home & create something now :)

    HUGS friend! Love you