Friday, July 22, 2011

Random Friday ~~ Sir Cuteness CRACKS.ME.UP. ~~ Edition


So let's Random it out on this Friday, shall we?  =)

Sir Cuteness is so stinkin' funny!!
He cracks us up
Here he is getting his inner B-Boy on.....  =)
Just the way he rolls.....
(Doesn't he look ornery right here? =)

 Here is the view from my couch.....
Yes my knee in ice.....again.....
It's okay.....
but okay.....
 I LOVE this picture.
It is possible that PaPa was encouraging his grandson to do something dangerous =)

 That's my boy with the football signal going on.....
Fall is comin'.....
I'm just sayin'.....  =)

 Sir Cuteness does the funniest things with his tounge.
He is so funny.....

 Okay, so this picture
Here are the men folk watching TV and Sir Cuteness, stunting it up, right in between them.....
 He's pretty talented!!

 OKay, so Sir Cuteness went with me to the Pain Doc on Wednesday and as we were sitting there waiting for the doc, he tells me that he is going to be a doctor one day so he can get into the red box (trash).  I told him he couldn't get into it because it is where the needles go. 

So I asked him what kind of doctor he wants to be. 
Me:  Do you want to be a leg doctor, so you can help people like Gamma with their knees?
Sir Cuteness:  Nope.  A toenail doctor.
Me:  A toenail doctor?  =)
Sir Cuteness:  Yes.  I make them pretty.
Me:  Hahahaha Heeheehee

Sir Cuteness is totally fascinated with my purple toe nails.
He thinks they are SO pretty =)  So he wants to help others have pretty toes.
Works for me =)

 Again, getting his inner B-Boy on =)

 We went to Old Navy yesterday and he put this ridiculously cute hat on and of course Gamma had to get it.
He is so stinkin' cute in it!!!

 Okay, so one more Sir Cuteness story before we move on.....
He went into hug his daddy before bed last night and asked him.....
Sir Cuteness:  Is that the boat man?
Daddy:  (On the phone) No buddy it is not the boat man.
Sir Cuteness:  You really need to call him.
I would, but my phone don't work.
I really need to get another phone.
Yes you do young one =)

So I don't know how many of you have an Iphone, but Dak does, and it takes AMAZING pictures!!

I really can't believe how good the quality is and his isn't even the Iphone 4.  His is the 3. 
But he takes some really good pics.
The rest of the pics on this post were taken with his Iphone.

Here I am in the garden last night.

 Look at this beautiful sunflower!!!
Even in the heat, she is thriving ~~ and it is hot!!

 So this pic cracks me up.  Because Dak asks me when he came out..... "Mom why are you all wet?"
To which I responded, "Really?  There is a 2 year old with a water hose about."  =)

 RJ, these sunflower pics are just for you!!!  =)
So sorry yours broke ='(

 And I will leave you with my FAVORITE pic of the last couple weeks.....
Me and Sir Cuteness at college, hanging out with the bear =)

I love y'all ~~ have a Blessed Friday ~~


  1. That little guy is such a cutie!!! And he just keeps getting bigger!!! :) Why must they do that??!?! My Avery Kate keeps doing the same thing! ha!

    Okay....finally answering your cardio question.....sorry for taking so long!!! What about water exercise? If you have access to a pool....cardio in the pool is GREAT! You can walk/jog in the water and it's GREAT cardio! or swim of course! Otherwise I would say try anything that doesn't bother that pesky knee...if that is anything...

    Just so sorry you are still having to deal with this. You still have such a positive attitude despite such crummy circumstances sometimes!!! Love ya girl!!

  2. He is just one of the guys, isnt he? So full of energy!!! Super cute!

    Oh mercy - look at your sunflower! Mine is still laying on its side. Ricky doesnt have the heart to dig the rest of it out of the ground in case something wants to bloom on it :(

    I do have some smaller ones that are still thriving though - better then none - right?

    Enjoy those water hose fights... a great way to stay cool in this heat!

  3. This post cracks me up. I totally get the stunt picture. Mads does the same thing.