Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It is Tuesday ~~ Over and out!!! ..... & Prayer Requests ~~

So I like Tuesdays ~~ I'm not really sure why, because one of the worst days of my life
was on a Tuesday.

Maybe that is why it is now one of my favorite days.
Because I feel like God has so redeemed Tuesday's for me.
Like He has so many other things in my life. 
I am so grateful!!!

When someone talks about getting something maybe on their birthday and their birthday is like six months away.....I will say something like, "yeah, for your birthday or a Tuesday."  =)
It is just the way I roll.

So you can imagine how happy I was to find a blog that has WADT ~~ Wear a Dress Tuesday ~~
I love Tuesday's and I love to wear dresses, but generally I don't just because I wear so many hats, and none of them are business attire secretary hats anymore....so I just don't wear many dresses, unless it's Sunday or a very special occasion like Graduation =)

So I was so happy to see this!!!  So if you go here you can read about Sarah's WADT adventures.....
And here is me, wearing one of my most comfortable dresses, yes today.....
Because it's Tuesday =) 

 Today is my sweet mama's birthday.
She is 72 today ~~ I think that is okay to say ~~
Because I mean seriously, she looks AMAZING for 72!!!
Grandma & Leggs
 Sir Cuteness playing with Granny.....

 Me and my mama..... I am really not that tall..... my mama is sitting and I am slouching....

 And more of Sir Cuteness and his silliness.....  =)

 And more tricks.....

 Which brings me to Sir Cuteness's birthday party on Friday.....
Thought I'd give you a sneak peak.....
More shenanigan's =)
 Hahahahaha ~~
 And just all out fun ~~ Sir Cuteness and I enjoying his new wagon ~~ thank you Granny ~~
BIG HIT!!!!!
 Here he is opening the gift PaPa and I got him.....
Yep, I'll reveal more in another post.....
Your welcome =)

OK so I'm gonna switch gears ~~ Georgia went to the doctor yesterday and they drew 2 viles of blood off of her knee and gave her a cortizone shot.  She goes back next Monday for another one, and the doc said that she is gonna need a total knee.  Please remember her in your prayers.  She has many responsibilities right now in her own life, and she is overwhelmed by this news.  My sweet friend could definitely use peace and direction.   Thank you SO much!!!


Also I read about a family that could really use our prayers as well for their baby, Caden.  He underwent open heart surgery and is only a few days old.  Please, Please remember them.  You can read their story here.http://thestanleyclan.blogspot.com/

Thank you so much for praying ~~~

I love you so ~~

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  1. HAHA! That face SC is making in that one picture is HILARIOUS!!!!

    Happy Birthday to your momma!!! Another year God has blessed her with - fantastic!

    Will continue to pray for Georgia. Dang it! I know she's worried about being down when she's always on the go go go!