Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It is Tuesday ~~ Over and out!!!

Ok, so I would LOVE to say that I have Dak's birthday pictures downloaded and ready to go, but ummm..... no.  So instead, I thought I'd give you a top ten list of reasons why I have not been on my blog much these last few weeks.....

10).  Dak moves out on Friday!
 9).  Birthdays fun and more fun!!
8).   Dak moves out on Friday!!!
7).   Spending lots of time hanging out!!!!
6).  Dak moves out on Friday!!!!!
5).  Been going to college to help Legs get ready for college!!!!!!
4).  Dak moves out on Friday!!!!!!!
3).  Trying to take care of my leg and working out and finding that balance!!!!!!!!
2).  Dak moves out on Friday!!!!!!!!!
1).  DAK MOVES OUT ON FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!

Enough said ~~ It's Tuesday ~~ Over and Out!!!!!    =)


PS  I'm really doing okay.  He has not packed a thing, so I'm freaking out more about that.  Boys.

1 comment:

  1. Unbelievable!!!! I know the kiddos around here from the youth group are moving - last weekend was a big group leaving. Blows my mind!!!!

    Enjoy all your time with him... & get a fire under his butt to get packing! :)