Monday, September 26, 2011

A Good Foundation.....

Dak came to visit last week and saw a multi-media canvas I did for my craft room.
He really liked it and asked if I would make him one for his dorm room.

Okay, let's just stop a minute and smile shall we?
How sweet is it that my college boy likes his mama's art and wants one on his dorm room wall?

Okay, let's move on =)

He told me kind of what he wanted and so my mind got to thinking on it.
I researched some different things and came across a technique very similar to mine, but with a different foundation than mine, so I decided to try it.

I generally do a scrapbook paper, dress pattern type of foundation.
Well this particular artist used newspaper as her foundation and then painted over it for texture.
I loved that idea, so I went out and bought me a paper, and then started thinking.....

I didn't feel good about that foundation.....

Did I really want the depressing world news as a background for artwork that would hang in my son's room?  Ummmm..... no.

So I started thinking again about what I could use and it came to me.
We have a big box of books in our garage that we are going to sell or get rid of.
We don't read them anymore and they are collecting dust,
so I decided to go out and recycle =)

I also am needing some hard back book covers for some altered projects I'm working on for CHRISTmas, so I got to work.

I found a book "Wild at Heart" and went to work.
I know that some of you might be cringing thinking that I destroyed this book, but I assure you that it is going to a very good cause:  a good foundation.

And I will be using the cover as well.  So I am repurposing and reusing a VERY GOOD book!!!

At the heart of this project is a good foundation.
It is important to me.
If you get something from me in the mail, it will have a good, thought out prayed over foundation.
It is important.
Really important.

 And then I take this good foundation and add some white acrylic paint.
It makes such an interesting background.
Yes it covers up some of the words, but it lends itself to such texture and character.
The foundation of a project and a person is so very important.
It is what we are built on.
If we have a solid foundation, built on the LORD JESUS CHRIST, we are strong, we are courageous.

This project means so much to me.....
I'll keep you posted =)

 And speaking of projects.....
I wanted to show you this little bit of cuteness.....
This is a little card I whipped up to hold my SSMT this time.

 LOVE this verse!!!!!
 And speaking of love and cuteness.....
Sir Cuteness......
 He is so sweet!!!!!

Love you ~~ Have a Beautiful Day ~~


  1. Your craftiness never stops!! You are amazing girl. Yes, I couldn't help but smile when I read Dak wanted you to make him one. I know you were one proud Momma! I love how much thought you put into each element of what you are creating. You should open up a little shop and sell some of this stuff...Christmas IS just around the corner! Love ya & hope you and the family have a wonderful week.

  2. That's so funny - I promise you, I was sitting at my desk (Bright o'early) & was praying for people & I had you on my mind & Dak & was wondering how his college experience was going! Glad to see he's making time to visit home :)

    I cant wait to see the finished project. I actually like you did that to pages - because there will be certain words or phrases that will stand out on that that someone will see & impact - just what God wants them to see... probably doing more then if you had the book on your shelf. "WIld at Heart" - perfect for EVERY man to read!

    You have a little ham on your hands. Cant say he's camera shy :) He's being raised right! :) haha!

    Love you friend!