Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sunflower Mixed Media Canvas.....

Good Afternoon my Blog-pal lovelies.
How are you?

This video took me like four or five takes to get it the way I wanted it and still I would change it, so I decided to just post it =)

I made a mixed media canvas and wanted to share it with you.....

I love you so ~~ have a Beautiful day ~~

1 comment:

  1. OK... I want to go out to Hobby Lobby right NOW!!! ...yes, its 6:15 am :) haha - think they're open?

    That is so dang cute! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the words at the top showing through. So creative & beautiful! You are totally inspiring me to want to get more crafty!

    I love that God wired your brain like that.. makes us all so individual. I'm afraid of the wiring in my brain as well :)

    Cant wait to see all your bloggy goodness in the future. And a tutorial is a must - for sure! You do so well on camera! A STAR!

    love you friend!