Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oh beautiful Tuesday.....

So what do you do on a beautiful Tuesday with your beautiful Sir Cuteness?

Well have a picnic in front of the garage in the shave (*shade*) of course =)

We thought about the library, but it was so pretty here today we decided to venture outside.
He picked the spot, I packed the lunch and made the sweet tea (be still my heart =) and off we went!!

I make this little apple throw a few years back.
(Don't be too impressed, it was EXTREMELY easy =)
But it is a little cusioney and really soft and made a nice little picnic blanket.....

 Oh my stars.....so cute!!!!!
 I packed a delicious lunch of bologna sandwich, complete with a little mayo and cheese +
some tostito's of course.....  and I had a soy chicken on an english muffin with rice cheese and chipotle mayo.....
 We shared silly faces.....
 And an apple.....
 And hugs.....
 And more silly faces =)
 Oh and our picnic?  Yes completely bare footed.....
We'd have it no other way on this fine day ~~
 We drank sweet tea from the carafe and shared pickle jar.....

 And rode the picnic basket.....
 And showed off our Smurfette tatoo and was just so stinkin' cute I could hardly stand it!!!!!
We hugged the carafe.....

 And read a library book.....
Then we jumped on the trampoline, played baseball, played chase the baseball, ran around the house (literally) and then took a walk with our wagon and caught grasshoppers and picked the neighbor's flowers (with permission of course). 

Now he is napping and I am resting.  WOW!!!  Now we have had a FUN, FUN DAY!!!!!

I hope yours has been filled with the love of Jesus and lots of memories too.


I get to see my bestie G this afternoon ~~ YAY!!!

And Dak this evening ~~  YAY YAY!!!!!

WOW ~~ I am a well-Blessed woman!!

Because then tonight I will get to lay down next to the love of my life and have a cute little curly headed three year old tucked safely in between us, saying prayers and asking us how are day was.
Yes, I will tell him.....

I've had a good day.

Love you ~~ Have a Blessed and Beautiful Day ~~
In Him,


  1. Oh what a FUN day you've had and more fun still to come! You & Sir Cuteness are making memories he (and you) will never forget. Love you my friend & am thrilled you're having a great week.

  2. what a PRECIOUS picnic!!!! I know moments like that are what make days just perfection! :)

    Enjoy your time with G & Dak!!!!!

  3. He is SO adorable!!! So good to see your beautiful face!