Thursday, October 27, 2011

And they dressed up and laughed and giggled and shook their sillies out.....

And that is EXACTLY what we did yesterday at the Library Halloween Party!!!

Sir Cuteness asked me to be a Princess,
So of course I HAD to oblige =)

Here is me and Sir Cuteness at the Library.

I LOVE this picture!!!
He was looking at the mirror on the wall up high.....

In addition to laughing, giggling and shaking our sillies out.....
we also did puzzles.
He is getting SO good!!!!!

There were So many cute costumes!!
Look at this wee little lady bug.....
SO cute!!!!! 
 Sir Cuteness LOVED this tube!!

 My cute little bee.....

 I had to show you this cute picture.....
I mean seriously,
I just love a mama's pregnant bellie.....
She was SO cute!!!!!

 And Miss Adrian was also a bumble bee.
And they had a therapy bull dog there, also dressed up like a bumble bee.....
Sir Cuteness LOVED that!!!!!

Can you see this book?
It was a pop-up book on steroids!!!
I'd never seen anything like it.....

 She told us some really great stories.....

 Then we went to Granny's and surprised her with our costumes.....

 So when Sir Cuteness requested me to be a Princess,
I went to my neighbor, who has the most amazing clothes.....
Very Princess like.....
I knew she could help a sista' out.....
and help she did!!

Isn't this lovely?!!
This dress is ALL lace and the navy blue coat you saw in previous pictures,
was a beautiful cape that she let me borrow.
It was just beautiful and warm =)

If you follow me on FB, then you probably saw that I was REALLY overthinking my Princess hair.
It was a Halloween Party for 5 year olds and under for crying out loud.....
Yep WAY over thought it =)

 My tiara came from Leggs and my necklace from my mama.
I thought it topped off my outfit....
I mean seriously, what is a Princess without her jewels =)

We had the BEST time!!!
Our Library really knows how to through a party =)

I kept thinking about our resident blog Princess RJ!!!
I wished you could have Belled it up and went with us ~~ now wouldn't that have been a hoot?!

Have a Super Blessed day ~~


  1. Oh friend!! I would have TOTALLY Princess'ed out with you!!!! Twirling all day long with the kiddos! :)

    You make a stunning princess yourself! :)

    How fun!!!


    Libraries are just awesome! Love that Sir Cuteness loves going so much.

    I now give you my Princess Wave :)

  2. You remind me of the Princess Bride! You are gorgeous Dawn and make a lovely princess!

    Hey, technically you are a're the daughter of the King! :)

    Love Sir Cuteness little bee self too! He is precious no matter what he's in isn't he?

    Clothes...oh my word, those are incredible! That neighbor would be sick of me asking to borrow clothing with outfits like those.

    So glad you guys had fun and hope you have a great weekend too!