Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Days of Beauty....

So yesterday, I sat in my doctor's office for my yearly exam. I love my doctor and love the atmosphere that is created in her office. It is one of beauty and rest.

Weird. But true. I feel peaceful there. Like all is well. It is the doctor's office.

Weird. Iknow.


My appt was moved from 9:00 AM to 12:45, because she had to do a C-section. I didn't mind. I never do, because my doctor is worth it. She treats me like I'm her only patient. Seriously. She sits and talks, not just chit chat but talk. I love her.

It is beauty. For a doctor to not just listen, but to hear you, there's beauty in that. And my doctor is beauty personified.

She did my exam all was well, but she did feel a ridge on the left side, up top, ya know what I mean :). But she said nothing to worry about.


So today, I went in for a routine mammogram.

The blanket hanging from the wall: Beautiful.

The smile on the ladies face that greeted me: beautiful.

I fill out paper work, start to read my new Kindle book, "Beautiful in His Eyes" by my dear sister in Christ Lisa Shaw; beauty.

They call my name. I go back to finish paper work. Lady: Beautiful. Conversation: Lovely.

Then..... They wouldn't do the mammogram today, because of the ridge the doctor felt yesterday. There is beauty.

They rescheduled for a diagnostic next week. There is beauty.

God is so faithful. And no matter what this life holds there is beauty in that; always in that.

So I came to the coffee shop to read, think, drink in beauty.

Yes, these are days of beauty; no matter the outcome.

Thank You for the beauty of a life well-lived day to day in You. There is nothing like it and nothing I would trade for it. You are my All-in-All no matter what this life holds for me. You hold my hand and You hold my heart. I love You so. In Jesus Name, Amen

May you find Beauty in him, no matter your circumstance today.

I love you ~~


  1. Praying for you and your results, friend.

  2. Dawn - that was beautiful! Truly. I love how you found the beauty around you!! Blessings on you and your health this week as you wait on Him.

    Love, Monica

  3. you are really challenging me to try & find beauty in my everyday events now!!!!

    Let's see if I can find beauty at 4:30 AM.. (there goes my groaning again...) now, I'm DETERMINED to find beauty in it!

  4. Praying for you and expecting a good report. I like the fact that we need to see beauty in everthing. Sometime I have to look really hard, with my thick head. Had a wonderful day with Skylar, That was easy to see Gods beauty, and today I got out on the 4 wheeler and enjoyed God beauty. Love you girl.

  5. Thanks for the great reminder to see beauty in everything!

  6. Dear Dawn ~ I read the words of a woman of great faith Dawn and join you in faithful prayer; you are a contagious Christian!

    God Bless,