Monday, December 12, 2011

This is CHRISTmas ~~ Nativity & Sir Cuteness

Yesterday was our CHRISTmas program at church.
I LOVE my church!!!
Yesterday, was such a different CHRISTmas program.
Generally it is such a HUGE production.
It's ALWAYS terrific.....
but yesterday it was stripped down and mostly acoustic.
I LOVE acoustic especially when it comes to CHRISTmas music.
It turns my heart toward home.....every.time.

They sang a version of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" that was just beautiful.
It was mostly accapella and then for just a few bars in the bridge music came in and then
back to acoustic.

Here is the stage when we got to our seats before it started.
The back ground kept changing.....
Really cool.....

 Legg's and I before it started.....
I love this girl so!!!

 Spunk and Lovely after church.....lunch at Lola's.
Oh yes!

 Legg's and P,B & J.....
(Her Boyfriend =)

It was such a beautiful day !!!


Then today Sir Cuteness and I made a Nativity Scene out of Graham Crackers and Spice Drops.

 Sir Cuteness just LOVES IT!!!
He had SO much fun!!
He keeps moving the wisemen's gifts around.

 Speaking of cuteness.....
How ornery does he look here?

I love y'all ~~ have a Super Blessed Day ~~


  1. SPUNK?! Looooove it! It suits her so well :)

  2. Love the gumdrop nativity and your church setting for the Christmas program was beautiful too! I'm a big fan of acoustic music because it really makes you focus on the words that you are singing more. Hope you and all your family are enjoying a beautiful & blessed CHRISTmas season my dear friend!

  3. Love the nativity.
    We were out of town and missed the Christmas program... I wasn't very happy about that.
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. I love acoustic myself... so simple.. & can touch the heart so powerfully.

    So I've been trying to figure it out. what is the "hay" - is it cheese? :) The nativity is adorable! What a fun G-ma you are!!! :)

  5. Loved the picture of Sky. Does he look onery or what. Where did you get the nativity idea. I may have to try that one. Love you