Friday, December 9, 2011

In All My Life.....

I have never met anyone like My Mr. Winslow!!!

Y'all I must tell you.....
He is it for me!!
The man that makes my heart go pitter patter.....
And the man who turns 48 today!!!

I wish I could do a post all about the wonderfulness of this man,
but alas, it would be an encyclopedia.....
I truly mean that.
He is so good to me.....
And he loves me like NO OTHER!!!

He leads our family well!!!
He helps me to grow in my walk with Jesus
And when he prays with me, time stands still.

I am crazy sometimes.....
I hurt a lot.....
Therefore, he hurts a lot,
because that is what you do when you love like this.....
If they hurt, you hurt.....

He has that deep well of love,
not shallow.....
He has the capacity to talk me down from any ledge =)
and love me through every trial.....
He is the best.....

Yep, all that and a bag of chips this man.

So I just thought I'd share a few pics of my man.....

He is SO great!!
Sometimes I just can't believe he is mine.
I'm telling you, he is THAT great!!!

Well, hello there sweet thang!!! 

We have been through a lot together and we stand strong, united, and in love.

He is mine and I am his and we'd have it NO other way!!!

Thank you Mr. Winslow for being the love of my life for all my life.
I've never known anything like you babe.



Have a Beautiful and Blessed Day ~~


  1. GROSS! and PDA! and GROSS! Okay I'm done :) I'm so excited for dinner with you two and ice cream cake!
    Only two more years until I get to buy him his over the hill hat :) I can hardly wait!
    Love you