Tuesday, December 27, 2011

With All that We've Been Given.....

 Well hello there!!

How was your CHRISTmas?

Ours was splendid!!

I hope you were able to reflect and think about the true meaning of CHRISTmas
this year,
And Praise God for sending CHRIST. 
It is the reason we celebrate.

I LOVED that CHRISTmas was on Sunday this year.
I was SO excited to get to spend CHRISTmas morning surrounded by our church family
and feeling the Spirit move in such a special way as we had Communion.
God is GREAT!!! 

We've been given SO much through the birth of our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.

On Sunday at our church we had the President of the Trinity Bible Institute (I think that's right)
do a dramatization.
He was the Innkeeper.
It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
He told "his" side of the story.
In the end of the story, he knew who he'd turned away that night in Bethelehem,
and instead of running away, he ran to the One who could save Him.
It was a beautiful story of grace and love.
And this man did an amazing job of portraying what the Innkeeper might have been like.

Single dramatizations amaze me.
No one to converse with.
No one to help you if you lose your place.
Just you and the audience.

Oh Yes, with all that we've been given.....


Well, I don't have all our pictures down loaded yet,
but I do have a few from Baby Girl's CHRISTmas.
We had hers on Monday evening,
because she is at her mom's in Kansas City right now.

Here she is with my sweet Dak.....
It is so nice having my babes home for the holidays.
I love these two so!!! 

 And speaking of Dak, we've got to spend some much needed quality time together.
I've missed him so!!
They go back to their dorms on January 15th,
and classes resume on the 17th.

I will miss them when they go back, but we have a few more weeks to savor this time.
They are so dear to me.

And here is Baby Girl and I.
I love her so!!

Well there are big changes a foot in the Winslow household.
This being one of them.....
See this coffee cup in my hand,
well no more =(
Apparently it is aiding in all the swelling issues I have,
so it must go.
Bye-bye and good riddens,
sweet hazelnut nectar.....
I shall miss you.....  =) 

 And speaking of changes.....
See our, well my, sad face?
Sir Cuteness doens't even want to talk about it.....
Apparently I am eating ALL wrong for my blood type.
So I am back to the land of omnivores.
I had Salmon last night.
Beautiful, Alaskan Salmon.
Wow it had been awhile =)

Apparanetly if you are type O then meat is your friend.
Who knew?
Oh let me rephrase, Organic grass-fed meat is your friend.
So I am really hoping that this will help my swelling and pain issues. 
That would rock our world, right now!!  =)

 How cute is this little guy?
So sweet.....

 Baby Girl.....
We are at Lola's for breakfast!!
We love Lola's!!!

But this girl will not be eating out very much at all now. 
I am very committed to really doing this thing right.
I need this swelling to leave my body.
So here we go.....

I love you all so ~~


  1. I'm interested in hearing more about what you're talking about - meat & your blood... interesting!! :)

    I love drama's... one person skits are amazing to me too... I love when Nicole Johnson does her thing at the Women of Faith conferences with that dramas... so fantastic!

    So glad you had a great CHRISTmas! I had no doubts you with you being surrounded by all your loves :)

    Cant wait to see more picks!

    Love you friend!!!

  2. Great post!!! I love writing about CHRISTmas- and it excites me to see others do it too!!!