Thursday, January 26, 2012

What a Happy, Nice, Beautiful Surprise.....

So yesterday, Dak text me after he got out of class and said he was coming to Clever
to see some friends, and wanted to know if I'd be home.

I was SO excited!!!

I'd already put chili in the crockpot, 
so I didn't have to make supper.

All I had to do was enjoy some time with my boy.
That and wait for him to get here =)

So I was working on some scrapbook goodies,
and I hear the door open.

I came bounded out of my room,
and there he stood,
and as soon as he saw me,
the BIGGEST smile came across his face.

We hugged and hugged.
It was terrific!!!

I know it hasn't been that long since I've seen him,
it's just that, 
it seemed so long =)

He hadn't been home since school started.
It was so good to see him.
I love him so!!!!!


Now I have to tell you.
Dak got a new computer.
Well, not a new computer.
In fact, he got a broken computer, last semester from a suite mate.
But since it was a Mac, Dak agreed to pay $20 for it,
and take a chance.

Well, he's been trying to get it fixed,
but hadn't been able to get it figured out,
he decided to take it to the MSU Bookstore.
They said they'd evaluate for free and then he could decide if he wanted to fix it.

It turns out with his student discount,
he could get it fixed for $230 some dollars =)
And when I say fixed.....
They put a new hard drive in it and gave him a new battery,
and Microsoft Office 2011.....
all for $230 + dollars!!!
And did I mention it's a 

This computer is sa--weet!!!
And fast!!

Here is a picture that he took on it's camera.....

My boy LOVES mustaches......
except for real ones =)

 I love this sweet man so much!!!
I am so proud of him and SO happy I got to see him last night!!!!!

I wanted to add this picture from last semester of both of the kiddo's.
I LOVE this picture!!

Aren't they just pretty people?!!

Well, I have SO many posts running around in my head and heart to get on here,
it just seems since I got my iPad (which I still LOVE..... =) that I don't get on the regular
computer much to post.
I downloaded a blogger app to my iPad,
but it's not a great app, and then when I try to post from Safari,
it won't let me post pictures,
because it says I don't have the most updated version of Safari,
but I do.
Anybody got any ideas?

But I need to just jump on this computer more and get more posts up.

I hope you all have a beautiful day....