Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Little Fun Up in Here.....

So Sunday was SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!!  Hollah- Hollah!!  And let me just say from the get go.....
I know RJ that you could care less.....
but hang on, there are pictures and fun coming.....
Stay with me sista'  =)

So this is me after we got home from church.
I'm not sure why I decided to take my picture.
I think it's because I like these earrings I've had for YEARS.

Then my dear sweet Dak made it home for Super Bowl Sunday!!!
Oh yes he did!!
Made it home just in time to make some wings.
His favorite.

Look at those beauts!!

Dak is a master at the wing.

 Here we are in our aprons.
Funny story:  We got done with everything just in time to sit down and watch the Star Spangle Banner,
and Dak starts laughing and says, "Mom we still have our aprons on!!"
Hahaha..... yep, we are cooks at heart =)
Oh, I love him so!!!!!

And yes, my sweet girl was here too.  
Look at that gorgeous girl.
If you follow me on FB (and if your not, you should....we're quite interesting =)
you know that I was in sheer bliss having all my chick-a-dees under one roof,
yes including Chase and Sir Cuteness and of course, my man,
all of us under one roof for

So fun!!


And this right here is a first.
Since I now eat meat (thank you O+ blood type)
I had my very first chicken wing!!
It was delicious!!! 
Well, this one was.....
I tried another and it was H-O-T!!
The kid's kept adding hot sauce.
I was out.
But this one was DELISH!!!!!

It was such a fun time!!!

And speaking of fun.....
I have signed up for May Flaum's (my favorite scrapbook teacher) new 

The link is right here.
If you want to learn techniques and creative play,
this is the place for you.
This is day one officially, and I'm already having SO much fun with it!!!!!

Here is a tag that I did using a "paint with mist" technique from this class.
I was kind of trying a couple of different things, so the middle 
got a little muddied up, but I still love the way it turned out.
I love learning new things!!

So there you have it.
Just some of the things going on in our little corner of the blog.

I Love Ya So ~~  


  1. Nope - I didnt care who won... but I do care about you having fun with your sweet ones :)

    My goodness - Dak is the quite the wing chef! Look at that sizzling! Glad you all had such a good time eating & watching the game together :)

    Loving those earrings on you... you're just so beautiful! :)

    OHHHH - new paper techniques. I know you're in your piece of Heaven. I also love you have a "Scrapebook Teacher" :) I guess there's a job out there for everything anymore.

  2. Hi -- I jumped over to your blog from BPC. We were rooting for the Giants, too, so we were happy at the outcome.