Tuesday, January 10, 2012

From Steadfast to Grace.....

In 2011, I felt the Father give me a Word for the year.
And then I found Ali Edwards class, "One Little Word" 
that kept your Word close to your heart through scrapbooking.
I didn't excel in this class by any means, but I was able to build a small scrapbook around my word.
I definitely knew that "steadfast" was my word for 2011.

I found myself being steadfast in many more ways in 2011,
and one of the BIG ways was with 
I stayed steadfast, immovable when it came to that,
and WOW has God used it in my life for good!!!
Anytime you memorize Scripture, God moves.
He uses it in your life to bring help and healing and in stressful situations,
it calms you down.
I have LOVED every moment of it and continuing on in 2012
to the Praise of His Name!!

If you'd like to join me,
on the 1st and 15th of every month I will be adding a new verse to my SSMT for 2012,
and I am committing this year to publishing my memory verse.
I didn't do so great last year at getting it on here,
but this year I will do better at this.

So my first memory verse of the year is:
Proverbs 4:23  "Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life."

And God has already laid on my heart my next Scripture for the 15th.
I will post it on the 15th =)


So what about my Word for 2012?
I wasn't sure I would have one, but Father placed it on my heart around October,
and I've been SO excited about it and I'm learning SO much.

It is:

I have already started my scrapbook for 2012 for my One Little Word:

I will be sharing more about how I am documenting and how already, it has changed me,
and we're only on January 10th.

So if you'd like to join me on this journey,
Ask God for your Word for 2012,
and then start by looking it up in the dictionary,
do a Google Search,
read about it,
open your heart to what God would say to you concerning it,
and open the Word of God.  
He has MUCH TO SAY to us.

I love Him so.

I will be sharing more on 

this year,
and find myself in a beautiful study on it.

So what is your verse for 1/1/12 and what is your Word.
I long to hear it!!

I love you so ~~


  1. Grace... its amazing :)

    Its one of those words that touch my heart... mercy, grace, redemption... such powerful words that show God's goodness!!!

  2. oh what a great post and great reminder!!! oh how God's grace is amazing! thank you!
    love your new layout!!
    i've missed reading...i've posted but just now getting some free time to read!
    thank you for your such sweet words. they are SO uplifting!!:)