Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Part 2 ~~

We had Christmas a few days early because of scheduling conflicts.
We had ours on Friday evening ~~ Christmas Eve Eve....

We had Christmas with Leggs earlier in the week, because she spent Christmas in KC.
So it was just Dick and I and Chase, Sir Cuteness and Dak.
Here is Sir Cuteness opening up his Nerf gun.
He LOVED it!!

This is so funny to me, because when I wrapped this poster, Sir Cuteness saw it and said that he got a stick.
He was speaking of that present, so we made a deal.....
Dak could have what was inside the "stick" and Sir Cuteness got the stick.....

Success =)

Dak enjoying some Christmas fun.....

Dak got an iPhone dock and Sir Cuteness was helping him out =)

Sir Cuteness got to help me too =)

Dak got me the sweetest candle holder and candle for Christmas.
It was snowmen.
I LOVE snowmen!!!
So sweet!!

My Mr. Winslow got me the Big Shot scrapbook embosser and die cut machine.
It is SO cool!!!

Look at our little babe.....

Daddy told Sir Cuteness it was time to start picking up.....
so he got right in there and helped.
It was SO sweet.....

So sweet.....

And you can't really tell, but Mr. Winslow is holding his Christmas present from Chase and I.....
A Kindle Fire.
It was terrible.
You couldn't do hardly anything without touching the screen multiple times,
and even then it just was slow and wouldn't work right.
He took it back, and the guy at Best Buy said they'd had a lot of returns on them.

And here is Sir Cuteness all dressed up for Christmas Eve.....

I love this boy so.....
He is getting SO big!!!

Ok.... so there is part 2.
Just one more part to go =)
I love you so!!!

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  1. Isnt the chaos of christmas so much fun? :)

    love catching glimpses of your Holiday!