Wednesday, June 6, 2012


So lately,
I have felt challenged.

Well as most of you know,
I face health challenges,
and most of the time,
I really don't see them that way.
They aren't so much challenges
as much as they are
Opportunities to share.....
God's love.
His heart.
His Son.

But sometimes
I feel

As you know,
my knees are crap.
I know harsh.

I was at Silver Dollar City
Sir Cuteness 
earlier this week,
and couldn't ride 
the kids roller coaster,
because my leg wouldn't
allow me to sit
in the seat,
and they frown upon me standing in the seat,
something about the seat belt bar,
or some such stuff.

So my friend had to ride it with him.
I was sad.
it was okay.
We rode other things together
like the elephant,
the tea cups,
the carousel.....
(pictures to come).
But I was also thankful for a friend
who would jump right in there
and ride it with him,
and she also did her best
to not make me feel badly about it.
And Sir Cuteness?
Well of course, he went right on 
with his
cute self.
Kids are resilient  like that.

So that was challenging to me.
But it is not the most challenging thing in front of me right now.

Right now
the most challenging thing in front of me,
is me.
Have you ever felt that way?
I have struggled with health issues for a long time.
Like a really long time,
but in the midst
I have seen the love of my 
show up big.

Lately, my health issues
have taken on 
deeper issues.
I had to have a special test done
weeks ago 
and it was found that I have an
issue that can be hard to treat.
So I go to see a specialist on Monday.

In the midst of these health issues,
I have had to look at my health 
as a whole, 
and decide if I'm doing all I can do 
to be in good health.
And come to find out,
not so much.

For years,
I have pretty much been the healthiest eater I know.
But this year found me starting the year off
by eating meat again
as part of the Blood Type Diet.
It hasn't worked so well for me.
I have felt sluggish,
I've gained weight.
So last night,
I made the decision 
that I am going back to what I know.
Eating healthy.
I felt so much better.
But since I have been eating more junk
I feel challenged.

So why do I share this?
So you can help me be accountable,
and also to share some challenges of mine,
so hopefully you can be strengthened
by a love that changes
it all.
The love of my Saviour.

Because something else 
the LORD has been talking
to me about is

My verse right now is:
Ephesians 1:7-8
"For in Him,
we have redemption
through His blood,
the forgiveness of sins
in accordance 
to the riches of God's grace
which He lavished
on us
with all
wisdom and understanding."

It's all about grace.
For always.


He is able to redeem,
so I come before Him,
desiring Him to do a work
in me
for His glory.
I love Him so!!!!!
Redeem those broken places
as I am broken before You.
Do it LORD.

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  1. OK friend... now I'm worried about you. Praying whatever your facing now & the "hard issue to treat" isnt something TOO serious.

    Glad to see you're going back to the healthy way of eating. While I know our bodies need the protein - I think there are other ways besides meat. That was probably a shock to your system introducing that back to your life.

    I know you'll look forward to eating green again & getting nutrients in a healthy way.

    Let me know if there is anything I can do for you... always praying - know that!

    Love you lady!!!