Friday, June 1, 2012

The BWCA Part 3

So when we got up on Sunday ready to head to our outfitters, it was raining.
It rained all the way into the BWCA.
We fought wind and rain the whole way, for the most part.
When we got to the first Lake, we found where we wanted to set up base camp.

Since our outfitter had told us to camp out on the point because the sand flies
had came in.  
Sand flies!!  I'd never even heard of that.
But the point it was.
I am not into sand flies.  
Whatever they are.

So we found this lovely place and staked our ground.
And this was our lake.
No one else camped on this lake the entire time we were here.
So cool.

So on Monday morning we woke up to fog on the lake.
So, so pretty.

Me Mountain Man took this picture.
So beautiful!

And this one.
This is one of my favorite shots.
So beautiful.
The BWCA is stunning.

And look at the mirror image the water creates.

So I'm going to go back to Sunday.
When we arrived it was raining,
but as the day went on,
the rain let up,
and then
The sun came out for a bit,
and we were thankful.
So thankful.

So it was time to fish for our supper.
We had seen some guys on the way in that had been camping for 10 days.
10 DAYS!!!  
WOW that's impressive!!
And asked them about the fishing
and they said they caught NOTHING in 10 days!!!!!
That's not good.
Not good at all.

Then we asked some other guys that were coming out 
and they said the fishing was good.
Real good.
Now your talking.

Now let me just tell you,
as an adult, 
I have never really fished.
My Grandma took me fishing with a cane pole as a little girl,
but as an adult, not so much.
I know, weird right?.

So My Mr. Winslow knew he had his work cut out for him =)
So he baited my hook and taught me to cast and told me to practice
while he went to take care of the canoe.
So I said ok, and took off casting.

Well I cast it several times and then

Well, Mr. Winslow thought:
"She is hung up and just thinks she has a fish.  
That's so cute."  haha

But I really had a fish!!
I didn't know what to do and didn't want to lose the fishy
so I did what any former city girl does when she catches a fish
I threw it up on the bank, because it was about to fall off the hook!!!
It did indeed fall off the hook, and I wasn't about to touch that fish,
so I just kept my pole on it as it flopped around,
until Mr. Winslow could get there.  hahaha

And ~~  Ta-Da ~~
Can you tell how excited I am?
Mr. Winslow said I was just like a little kid =)
So fun!!!!!
 So then, of course we had to head out on the water to do some more fishing.
I caught another pike and Mr. Winslow caught a walleye.
Oh my, yes it was such a good supper.

My Mr. Winslow started a fire,
and I cooked the taters while he went over to the other side
of the lake to slay the fishy's.
He brought them back and we put them in the pan.
It was the freshest fish I have ever had.
There really is a difference.

And here is the lure I caught my first fishy's on.
We retired it.
You served me well, dear friend.

Oh I have so much more to share with you!!

To be cont'd.....

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  1. Ahhh - you look so proud with your catch o'the day :)

    That picture with the reflection in the water is BEAUTIFUL!!!