Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Random Friday

So let's do a top ten Random Friday List 
of my week shall we?

1).  BUSY!!!  
It seems that pretty much sums up my life right now.
But I am lovin' busy.
It is a reminder to me of truly how Blessed I am.
So BUSY, thank you for your gifts,
many and varied.

2).  Sir Cuteness is rocking my world.
RJ do I have a video for you and Ricky to enjoy.
I'm gonna try to get it up and posted this weekend.
I hope that happens,
because you are gonna LOVE
Sir Cuteness' new love.

3).  Scrapbook Room.
My Mr. Winslow and I are working on a SB room for me,
and I am SO excited!!  
I've been researching LOTS of organizing tips.
I love to organize,
and I've found LOTS of good tips and tricks and have been
utilizing them.
Can't wait to show you pics!!!

4).  Back to Blogging.
I have updated my Scrapbook Blog
with my most recent LO.
Please check that out.
right here

5).  Carolineintexas got married yesterday!!
I have been praying for her
and am just so excited for her.

Ok so 5-10 will have to be wrapped up in one:
I'm off to shower and then off to pick up my mom for 2 docs appts this afternoon.
See, BUSY!!!

I love you so ~~ have a Super Weekend ~~ dawn

1 comment:

  1. I TOTALLY cant wait... very intrigued now :)

    I think the whole blogging world is excited about Caroline's wedding :) Isnt that neat!!!

    Hope youre feeling better with your new diet friend!
    Much love - lots of hugs!!!