Thursday, July 12, 2012

dear mr. rabbit.....

So the other day
Sir Cuteness and I planted some tender sweet potato
plants in the garden.

Well, Sir Cuteness comes up to me after we planted and the conversation
went something like this:
Sir Cuteness:  Gamma, we need to put a sign in the garden to keep the rabbits out.
Me:  A sign?
Sir Cuteness:  Yes, and when the rabbits read it
they will know to stay out of it =)
Me:  Okay, well, lets go make us a sign.

So off to sign making we go.  
Sir Cuteness put the pole in the ground and I grabbed some string.....

Dear Rabbits,
The Winslows

That oughta do it =)

And speaking of garden,
I hadn't taken any pictures of ours yet to share.....
So here we go.....
Here is our original garden complete with tomatoes, dill, basil,
garlic, sage, eggplant and now, sweet potatoes,
Oh and a rabbit sign =)

And this is our addon garden (last year) 
complete with (more) tomatoes, peppers, green beans, okra
and cucumbers.

God is Blessing us so through this garden.
Even in this heat.
We have watered at least once a day
and sometimes twice,
and our garden is just beautiful.
We are thankful.

Sir Cuteness came in the other day and said,
"Gamma, the rabbits are staying out of the garden!
The sign is working!!!"

Yes it is Sir Cuteness, Yes it is =)

Have a Blessed day ~~


  1. Just think - I pay a co-op for those exact things you're growing in your back yard :) I'm jealous! :) In the love-kinda-way :)

    That sign is adorable! SC is always thinking! ;)

  2. Your garden is beautiful Dawn and yes, God is really blessing your crops! How blessed you are to be able to eat homegrown goodness right out of your own backyard. Like RJ, I have to pay the farmer's market folks for ours...ha! Love that sign too and I hope all the bunnies will take time to read least the ones that can read anyway! :)