Monday, February 25, 2013

2 Weeks Post Op and the Day that was Suppose to be Surgery.....

So howdy there!!

So today is the 25th,
the day I was suppose to have surgery.
I'm so grateful that I'm 2 weeks post op
I'm so thankful they could move surgery up
by a whole two weeks!!!

So let's talk about some things that are,
and some things that are not
two weeks after surgery.

For one thing,
I have more range of motion side to side
than I have had in many months.
What a Blessing!!!

Pain is starting to really subside,
and pain meds are less.
Although the nurse told me on Friday
I am well within range of what I am taking.
Which is not much.
I don't like pain meds.

Yesterday was the first day I actually
wore full on make up.
And I drove.
so it was just like 2 minutes from my house,
but it counts.
It so counts.

So let's talk about what not's back yet.
My voice.
I'm still squeaking,
and seems that the nurse was most concerned about that
when I talked to her last week.

I'm hoping it comes back soon!!
My paperwork says it could be two weeks.
Well today is two weeks.
So voice,
come on back will ya?

But I am learning a lot in this season.
I have been a good patient this time.
Well better than previous surgeries anyway.
Generally, I rush things.

But this time,
it is like the LORD let me
realize how serious things are,
and He has given me so much strength
to dig my heels in
and do this thing.

I am thankful.
So thankful.

So I'm gonna press on and press in.
I'm willing to wait
This season holds gems for me.
I am thankful!


On another note,
my precious Dak
starts a new job today.

He sent me this yesterday.
Am I the only one,
or does he look like a
bonafide adult?
How did this happen?
But in so many ways,
he still looks like my baby.
Oh wait,
that's because he is.

He is so stkinkin' cute!!
Can you stand it?

I haven't seen him in ever so long,
but such is the life of a mom of a 20 year old.


He starts a new job today.
He had to be there at 6:00 AM.
He had already text and FB me
before I even got up.

And then there is this cutie.....
He is the funniest and cutest little dude.
Sir Cuteness lives up to his name.

He has been so sweet too.
He has been helping me at every turn.
When I first came home from the hospital,
he would grab my arm
and help me down the hall,
and on this ice,
he has been helping me get around,
the little bit I have gone out.
He is just the sweetest.

And then there is my Mr. Winslow.
I think I shall have to dedicate a post all to him.
He is the most beautiful person I know.
I am a well Blessed woman!!
Well Blessed!!!

so that does it for now.
I hope you have a

Blessed and Beautiful Day ~~

1 comment:

  1. ahhh - you do have the sweetest husband who loves you & takes care of you. So deserved :)

    Look at Dak - taking on a job that requires 6 am start? Most kids would RUN QUICK from that. Isnt that why they schedule classes in school past noon :)

    Glad you have some more movement. My aunt that had that procedure, it took her awhile to get her voice back & it stayed 'scratchy' for years. Dont meant to disappoint you - it wasnt horrible - just a different voice. Not anything extreme.

    Glad you got to drive - even for a minute. Independence is key in feeling like yourself.

    & friend - I LOATHE medicine. You know that. I'm taking this 30 days of anti inflammatory & I've already forgotten to take it 3 out of the 5 days. Nice! :)