Tuesday, March 26, 2013

6 Week Post Surgery Update

Yesterday was 6 weeks since my latest surgery.

I had Anterior Cervical Dysectomy with Fusion.
I am feeling better,
and healing.
My scar is looking better.

The doctor is pleased with my process.
My voice is finally back.
I still can't sing much yet,
but I am so glad not to be squeaking.

The biggest issue I am having right now
is back spasms.
They come on quick,
and quickly kick my booty!!

Last Friday I was out with G and Sir Cuteness,
and I had one come on quick.
By the time I got to the truck,
I could barely walk upright.
G knew instantly that something was wrong.
She said, "Muscle Spasms?"
to which I said yes and climbed in and put my seat back.
My dear Sir Cuteness was in his car seat,
and reached over to me and said 
"Grandma, I'm gonna pray for you."
So he reached over and put his little arm on my elbow,
he put his head down and said a prayer,
and immediately my pain was better.
Like way....way....better!!!!!
I felt so good that we even made one more stop on the way home.
My dear Sir Cuteness is 4.
Yes the faith of a child.
They could solve world peace I tell you,
and do it all with faith!!

The reason I am having these spasms
is because my spine
is actually responding to my surgery
by realigning itself.
Is that not crazy??!!!
The body is so incredible!!!!!
God is AMAZING!!!!!

The x-rays before and after surgery are truly astounding!!

So that is why they keep happening,
but man,
will I be glad when things are on a more 
scale =)

On another note,
I had some blood work 
done the other day,
and my white cell count is low.
So they ran some more tests.
Things look pretty good.
Which I am so thankful for,
so they will repeat blood work on the 1st,
and if my white cell count is still low,
then they are gonna send me to a

I'll keep ya posted.

Thank you for caring about me.

Have a Blessed and Beautiful Day ~~

1 comment:

  1. Yes - keep us updated!!!! I've always had blood issues as well - sent to a hematologist & nothing they could really tell me either. Just always been anemic with low blood counts. I've actually had to incorporate some more seafood back in my diet to try & get more vitamin b in me since I tured veggie. It bothers me, but I know its what my body needs...

    speaking of bodies - it IS incredible what they do - how they can heal themselves & mend back together! God is so awesome how he created us!

    that's exactly why I'm afraid of having my bicep tendon cut - they say you get bicep spasms similar to what you're talking about as it mends back to healing... & they say its PAINFUL!!!!!! You are one tough cookie lady!!! Seriously!

    And your sweet praying SC!!! My word - that just made me smile & tear up... how he's being led in the ways :)

    Love you lady!!!!!