Monday, August 12, 2013

Calling All Warriors.....

So do you consider yourself a warrior?
Is this something that you strive to be?

Well Gideon didn't,
nor did he strive to be.
He was Gideon, of the weakest clan
in Manasseh, and he was the least in his clan.
A warrior?

Yes, according to the angel of the LORD in Judges 6:12,
Gideon was a warrior.
He just didn't know it yet.

Do you feel this way sometimes?
You know that there is something more in you?

I've thought a lot about this before.
I've so often felt that I should be doing more.
I was created for more.
I have these thoughts a lot,
and yet,
when I have these thoughts,
I feel the Spirit urging me on
to stay the course.
I feel that the Father is telling me
that what I am doing
IS important and 
I am CALLED to do it.
I am to be the best me that I can be.
He created me for such.

So I stay the course,
and follow hard after the one
who followed hard after me.

He is truly amazing,
this God, the One True God 
that I serve.

Our pastor preached a wonderful message
on Father God today.
And how much God truly loves us (me).
And really how God is and not how we (I)
so often perceive Him to be.

He knows me.
He sees me.
He loves me.


So next time you do not feel strong,
or feel like you can't.
Feel ill-equipped,
or unprepared,
or just not ready,
look to the Father who loves you so.
He is here for you.
He loves you.
He created you.
And He has good for you.

Gideon was a warrior.
I am a warrior.
You are a warrior.

Fight on dear one.
Fight on.
Fight the good fight of faith!

I love you so ~~
Have a Blessed and Beautiful Day ~~


  1. Oh friend... I needed this today! Thank you!!

  2. Love this! Have been "quietly" following you for a few yrs, and can feel the heart of our Father through you! You are real, you are honest, and you bring joy to our King!