Monday, September 30, 2013

Happy Anniversary Honey!!!

So today, my Mr. Winslow and I celebrate our 15 year anniversary!!
I wish I could convey in a blog post the love I have for this man.
The many ways that he makes my everyday life so wonderful.

You see he decided to take a chance on me all those years ago.
I was not, back then, the person you see today.
No, I was a broken mess of a girl.
But he saw something most didn't.
I really don't know why he decided to take a chance,
and a big one!  but he did, and I am so very thankful.
You see, this man lead me back to Christ all those years ago.
He showed me Jesus' love in a way I didn't understand and 
had certainly never seen modeled.  
He is a gift.

My beautiful, wonderful gift.
That I cherish!!

He loves me like no other.

He loves me like Christ loves the church.
That changes a girl right there.
I want to be a better me because of the way 
he loves me.

He's funny and gorgeous!

I am so thankful for my man.
Here's to 15 more honey!
And 15 after that.....
And 15 after that.....
And 15 after that....
Well, you get the picture =)
For always my babe.....ALWAYS!!

Thanks for stopping by today, and please check in either
later tonight or tomorrow morning for 31 Days of Change
with The Nester.  Very excited!!!

Have a Blessed and Beautiful Day ~~

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  1. I love the way you both love each other after all these years :) So inspiring!!!

    Happy Anniversary to you both!!!