Friday, September 27, 2013

Random Friday Love.....

So this past week, Sir Cuteness decided he wanted to do my hair.
I, of course, obliged.  I am always a willing participant in Sir Cuteness's 
ideas, unless they involve snakes and the like.
Then I'm out.
He pulled out a rubber band, and grabbed my hair flowers
and went to town.
I think the results were just lovely.
A crown of flowers.
I'm in.

And just a little closer look.
Pardon the weird face.

Then this week I also got to have a rare evening out with this lovely.
I don't go out at night much.
Not without my man anyway.
But this Tuesdday night was special.
Our favorite coffee house, Hebrews,
was having their 5 year anniversary and they invited us along.
Well the collective us.
Ya know, the us like stick a sign on the window and do please come
everybody kind of us, but either way.....
we were in.
Here's my beautiful girl.
I mean seriously.

They strung lights.....
Had a Jazz band.....
The Skinny Improv hosted.....
It was so much fun....
Oh...Oh..... AND they had free coffee and pastries!!
What?!!  And not just a sip and pour kind of black coffee either,
nope. The anything you want kind of coffee.
We got black.
Side note:  We'd already had Pumpkin Latte's
we didn't realize we could've gotten any coffee free.
Lame.  on our part.  But we enjoyed none the less.
I'm rambling.

This was my hair on this lovely Tuesday night.
Frizz ball.
'nuff said.

I just can't remember if I posted these two lovelies at a recent
Incredible Pizza evening, but it bears reposting.
These two.
Just these two.

Lock and Load.
Laser Time.

And the randomness continues.....
I sent this to Dak yesterday.....
He SO needs to do this on the door of his apt for halloween.
Don't ya think?
He loves all things Dr. Who.
Yep.  He needs to make this happen =)

And then me and my Mr. Winslow will celebrate 15 years on Monday.
15 YEARS!!!  WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!  I am SO excited!!!!!!!!!!!!
He is the best of men and he's mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I'm not really sure how that happened as broken as I am.
But I am so thankful to God that He showed His great mercy on me
and showered His love on me in the form of my Mr. Winslow.
I am forever grateful!!!
For Always this one.
For Always!

One last thing.  The Nester is having her 31 Days of Change
series starting next Tuesday, October 1st, and I am participating this year.  
I am so very excited and have "met" a sweet girl from Ireland who has designed 
the most incredible little button for my 31 days on.......... Perspective.
Her blog "button" is on my side bar "The River into Words".  She is a fabulous
blogger.  She blogs about faith and family and life.  So do please check her out.
She has been most helpful to me and just a joy to work with.

Love Y'all ~~  Have a Blessed and Beautiful Day ~~ and I look forward to
seeing you next week and all the month of October.


  1. That door! I'll have to show the kids in youth - they'll love that!!! :)

    Ahh - happy Anny for you & the Mr... that's so awesome!

    Love all the fun you have in your life with friends & your SC... you are blessed sweet friend! :)

  2. aw, thanks for your kind words! hope the button/link-up goes well for you - and i'll be following along! :)