Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Journey of Perspective Day 2: 31 Days of Change

Let God use what you have.....

In 2 Kings 4:1-7 we have the story of The Widow's Oil.
I love this story in the OT.  This a great lesson on perspective.
The woman in this story was full of determination and grit.

You see she was the widow of a man who revered the LORD.
But she was left without anything and the creditor was coming
and her two boys were going to be sold into slavery.

This woman was NOT going to let that happen.  
She told her plight to the prophet Elisha 
KNOWING he could help her. 
She believed he could and so she went to him.
I love that.
No reservation.
No hesitation.
She was going to save her boys from slavery.

So when Elisha asked her what she had in her house
she replied she had nothing, EXCEPT (I love that!) a little olive oil.

It's all about perspective. She could have seen that little bit
of oil as useless, nothing of value.  Not even enough to make a meal.
But instead she saw it as all she had
and she was offering it.  

What I love about this story is she could have whined.
She could have played the victim.
The old poor pitiful me card,
but she didn't.
She was proactive.
What did she have?
She had a little olive oil.
That's it.  
Not much.
But in the hands of the Father a little is a lot.

I feel this way sometimes.  I have so little to offer Father.
But I feel Him lovingly tell me that He can use it.  
I just need to offer it to Him.
I've seen Him do it over and over again.
I offer Him the little I have,
and He has multiplied it again and again in ways I never could have imagined.

Tomorrow we will explore a little as a lot, as I share a personal testimony of grace.  
I do hope you'll join me.

Until then.....

Have a Blessed and Beautiful Day ~~

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  1. Great story from the OT. It's a great illustration of faith as well as perspective.

    Olive oil, as was the olive tree, was a very important commodity in this culture. It was used for lighting, for cooking, and for income. It represented life, wealth, and hope. It holds a much symbolism.

    Thanks for sharing this story!