Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Journey of Perspective Day 3: 31 Days of Change - Prideful, Silly Girl

Welcome to day 3.
So yesterday we talked about 2 Kings 4:1-7:
The Widow's Oil.

And I wanted to give you a bit of a personal perspective.

Since I came back to the LORD,
about 17 years ago, 
I've wanted to do something BIG for Him.
You know, be the Spiritual rock star.
So to speak.

Prideful, silly girl.

You see, over the years I've had two specific prophetic Words
spoken over me, at two different times in my life by two completely
different people and neither one of them knew me AT ALL.
But both of them spoke to me that I would be a speaker, a leader
if you will, for women.  I thought this meant that I would speak in 
churches and be asked to go to this one and that one all over the country.
Yes, I know.  

Prideful, silly girl.

But as time went on, that did not happened.  
Now don't get me wrong, I have had many opportunities
to minister, just in different ways than I had originally thought.
But isn't that generally the way of it?

I was thinking about this a while back,
and it occured to me that I was a little discouraged about it.
Maybe even a little disappointed, although I don't get that way much.
disappointed I mean.
But I was feeling kinda down, and the Spirit spoke clearly to me and said,
"Will you go to the few to reach the many?"

Immediately I knew what He was talking about.
And immediately I said, "Yes LORD!"

So I handed the LORD my vessel.
Just a little oil.
It's all I had,
but He is doing things I couldn't have imagined
with just that little bit of oil.

The relationships He is moving in.....
The hearts He's changing....
The Spirit rising up within us.....
It truly is amazing.
And it isn't because I am great or I am anything.
It's only and always because of Him.
I am just a vessel.
I want to always be a willing vessel.
Poured out.
Open before Him.

You see my discouraged, disappointed perspective 
wasn't getting me anywhere, but when I was poured
out and open before Him, then I could hear clearly
what He was speaking to me.  I got clear direction then.

Let's keep dialoging about this, shall we?
How to turn discouragement and disappointment around
to Godly perspective.  

See you tomorrow.....

Until then.....Have a Blessed and Beautiful Day ~~ 

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