Thursday, October 10, 2013

Jesus > Religion

Jefferson Bethke has a new book out:

He first came out with Jesus > Religion spoken word poem.
You've probably seen it, but just in case you haven't,
it is DEFINITELY worth seeing again.

If ever there was a perspective on Jesus being greater than religion
it is in this video and in this book.

This young man has been through some stuff,
let me tell you.
And has come out loving Jesus
and more
and more

He says in his book:
"It's scandalous to say,
but one of the uses of the
law was to show us we
couldn't fully keep it
and needed a savior.
It was - and still is - a mirror
 to show us where
we need Jesus.
Even the animal
sacrifices mandated
in the law to the Israelites were there
to show them they needed a substitute.
They couldn't do it on their own,
and ultimately Jesus fulfilled that requirement."

Jesus fulfilled the requirement of the law.
He didn't come to abolish the law,
but to fulfill it.
When something is fulfilled,
it is completed.
Jesus completed His work for us
on the cross.
When He cried,
It truly was.

We have ALL we need IN Christ.
Let that seep deep into the crevices
of your heart.
Everything I will ever need to be complete
is found only and solely
in Christ.

On Christ the Solid rock I stand
all other ground is sinking sand.

So today, still yourself.
For a moment.
If only one.
And let Jesus speak to your heart.
Right where you are at.

It's not about religion.
It's not about being good enough.
It's not about cleaning yourself up.
It's not about how pretty you are.
It's about Jesus.
Always and forever.

What will you do about Jesus?
We must all ask ourselves this question.
It is asked of us.
And to not do anything,
is to do something.

So today, know that you are deeply loved.
Deeply desired.
Deeply cared for.
The Father loves you so much
He sent His Son.
And when Jesus cried out on the cross
It was.

If you would like to check out the book I referenced above,
please go here.

I love you so!!
Have a Blessed and Beautiful Day ~~


  1. I already ordered it... & ordered another one for a Christmas present. I don't even need to read it to know I want to give one away!!!! ... I think this guy is so genius in his thinking of the Bible & Jesus!

  2. I WANT so much to read this book! And I love everything you just highlighted about it. How profound!